Honduras, Paraguay expected to join embassy move to Jerusalem
Itamar Eichner
Published: 25.12.17, 15:33
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BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (12.25.17)
Just the beginning of the international recognition of Jerusalem as the

eternal undivided Capitol of Israel.

For those embassies who have not moved their embassies from Tel Aviv they

will not receive their mail as there wont be any embassies in Tel Aviv.

2. WHEN!!
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (12.25.17)
The only thing with word "Embassy" in it in Jerusalem will be the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, the Anti-Christ propaganda organization and their Ponzi scheme. The "state" of Israel will loose their "ethnic character" with the over 100 embassies, their employee and families living in Jerusalem. This is the last ditch effort of a lie of a people who's time is coming to an end(Satan's shabbat) and having the world's people believe their embassies will be there. This sh-t will be a ethnic demographic infrastructure nightmare in Jerusalem. I don't know who the biggest liar is Trump or Bibi, a few years back Sarkozy said Bibi is a helluva liar, ,,,,,, we'll see.
3. Bradley Burston of "Haaretz" still hasn't committed suicide
ab   (12.25.17)
as he threatened over the "unjust move".Encourage him !!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Ban Fake Philistine Julius/Jihad Jalal cracker from Arabia
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.25.17)
5. Really surprised
Bertram ,   London   (12.25.17)
Latin American vassal states of the US succumbing to blackmail by the POTUS. Shocked beyond belief.
6. Bertram's answer is clear. He sides with murderous Islam.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.25.17)
7. Bertram never comments on Muslim plots to assassinate UK PM
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.25.17)
This is because he agrees with Muslims
8. The trickle started and soon will become a river
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.25.17)
9. From Good to Great barouch hashem!
Joya   (12.25.17)
Guatemala we love you amigos!! It takes courage to stand up and recognize my lovely city Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, I am expecting Panama, El Salvador & Costa Rica to do it also together with all latinoamerican democratic countries. Your support is a blessing for the world and for the people of Israel as well, thank you, wishing you people of Guatemala all the best, love, peace & prosperity
sincerely yours, Joya
10. These embassies moved out in 1980
Papa Noel ,   North Pole   (12.26.17)
Yep in 1980 when for no reason the great PM Begin had a lapse in judgement and passed Basic Law: Jerusalem. Now they are THINKING about coming back and PM Netanyahu, vassal of the Americans is wetting his panties. I suppose it is due to too much wine and too many cigars.
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