Israeli embassy in Greece vandalized with red paint
Itamar Eichner
Published: 25.12.17, 23:05
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1. facts don't matter ......
steve s   (12.26.17)
Ignorant people are befuddled by facts and choose to ignore them. An example of this is charging Israel with ethnic cleansing or genocide. It is a fact the population growth rates of both Gaza and the West Bank are greater than that of Israel. This from population figures between 1974-2014. Hardly an example of ethnic cleansing or genocide ....... or Israel is really bad at it.

So Greeks ....... throw your paint, throw your accusations ...... and show your ignorance.
2. Leftism and stupidity are like French fries& ketchup: you
cannot have one without the other.
3. Greeks have 4gotten what Turkish Muslims did 2 them
A reader ,   Israel   (12.26.17)
A nation that forgets its history is doomed to repeat it.
4. Greece take your people back
Tova   (12.26.17)
The palenstians are your people. They have no association with Israel. The palenstians came from your region. Take them all back. Greece who is said to create democracy which only lasted 50 years. Greece where iti is said have the highest rate of thieves among tourists. Greece who cannot pay their debts to the EU, Greece who have the highest rate of thieves as reported by the UN. Take back your people from Gaza and West Bank.

Even Alexander was not able to conquer Israel.
5. a message of peace.
tiki ,   belgium   (12.26.17)
The ultra left losers are at it again!

What do they have in common with "the Palestinians"?

Both are financed by the EU taxpayer!
6. A History Lesson for Rubicon
Poulos Taxis Haxis ,   Beta Feta   (12.27.17)
What's this Greek clown organization talking about occupation and ethnic cleansing? Fools obviously have a short memories. Greek was a ubiquitous language in the Middle East once, and not because of any other reason than occupation. Greek armies were in Israel/Judah numerous times, and plenty elsewhere.

Not once, but twice did Greece occupy Jerusalem. Once while they worshiped Zeus, the second time as Byzantia. Jerusalem is not Greek, Greece is Greek.

Ask the Macedonians what they think about Greece and its claims to Macedonia. Greece is seen as an occupier, and historical occupier, of epic proportions by plenty of us. The experts of old age imperialism, aka Hellenism, have the severe guile to cast aspersions against Israel and the Jews? Guess old imperialistic habits die very hard.

Speaking of current occupation, why is it the Greek Church owns the land on which the Israeli parliament (properly known as the Knesset) sits on? For that matter, why does their church own inordinate amounts of land in Jerusalem?

Since you own land in Jerusalem, seems appropriate we should own plenty of land in Athens. You want a piece of our homeland, we should get a nice, very nice, piece of your homeland. Go preach about occupation when you've had a long and very deep look in the mirror. Go apologize profusely on the behalf of your ancestors misbehavior's and incessant occupations of other peoples lands. First the Arabs spanked you in the Levant, throwing you out. Then the Turks spanked you in Istanbul/Anatolia, and threw you out of the middle east, almost completely. Still have a little island that never made enosis, did it. Not officially, but for all practical intents and purposes, it's Taksim, not Enosis. Now almost all of your imperialistic gains have been reversed, occupiers.

Next time, take that red paint of yours and pour it on your head, running around the Acropolis five times, screaming "I'm a malaka, neh! I'm a malaka, neh! Oxi! Oxi! to ever provoking Israel and the Jews, who never invaded, once in the history of their existence Greece, but our villainous ancestors, invaded Israel/Judah numerous times, occupying their lands numerous times. How hypocritical for us to accuse them of occupation, when the very land was stolen from them in the first place. And should we forget this, may the Turks or some other people take the lands of Greece, and scatter us all around the world, just like was done to the Jews."

See how the shoe fits on your foot before you accuse others of occupation.

Obviously Rubicon identifies with the Palestinians, an occupying people would cry for another occupying people who have been forced to return land, to the rightful owners, predating them from the time of Judaism. Probably it reminds Rubicon of the time the Maccabees threw out their (Greeks) occupying ancestors, much like we threw off the occupying yolk of Arab oppression. Birds of a like feather flock together, so keep identifying with your ilk.

Our seat of government is in Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv. A country decides where it's capitol is. Not some foreigner with an agenda like Rubicon. Put that red paint where it belongs.

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