Abbas lauds father of girl who provoked IDF soldiers
Elior Levy
Published: 27.12.17, 09:10
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1. Palestinian President Mr. Abbas: this was not a helpful move
Bembridge Scholar ,   London   (12.27.17)
Really, in my life I have learned that when I want to make peace with my neighbor it is best not to encourage incitement or violence against that neighbor.

For the record the behaviours of Ms. Tamimi and her family are incitement and violence. Encouraging incitement and violence only brings more incitement and violence and distances all of us from peace.
2. treason
ajs ,   jerusalem   (12.27.17)
why do you give these people an outlet. One definition of TREASON, is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Your articles do just that, TREASON?
3. Arabs belong in Arabia, Jews in Judea, Shomron &rest of Land
of Milk and Honey! Stop this nonsense of "Palestinian" this/that.
They don't exist in reality.
4. shame
olivier Lidsky ,   Ashdod   (12.27.17)
It is high time that Israel realizes that we are still at war and there is no room for democracy. These ennemies including Betsalem should be treated as ennemis of our nation during a period of war....
5. The best answer to what happened with Ahed Tamimi is to keep
Peter Falk ,   Copenhagen   (12.27.17)
silent in the media so as not to give such an importance to this incident.
On the other hand keep 5 soldiers by post for patrol instead of 2.
Meantime if such an incident happens again for the soldiers to be prepared and deal with it in the strongest way while reinforcement should be near by.
The game of democracy cannot be played with terrorists, they only understand power.
Given the actual picture of Israel around the world , Israel has nothing to lose anymore.
Screw the europeans and all the arabs with.
6. 5 years and still alive
Adasa ,   Los Angeles   (12.27.17)
The teen has been a long time hater, she is a professional. Her life span of hot headed hater, in the near future will result in a death by massive strome or a heart attack. No future here, in other countries she would of gotten years for even touching a soldier and wouldn't get out until the age of 24. They are very lenient in this case, and that's why these teens continue to do this type of behavior. But again it's in their wild blood.
7. this is the peace gabbay wants
hy   (12.27.17)
what can one say. Israel keeps electing mks who are disconnected from reality, the latest being gabbay. he says he would not negotiate with abbas because he wants peace.

one can only pity gabbay. the more he talks, the more he sounds like weak and foolish herzog.
8. I am Ahed Tamimi
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.29.17)
9. Shut up
Zeus ,   Tibruk   (01.02.18)
And I am Arnold Schwarzenegger
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