Knesset passes recommendations bill into law
Moran Azulay, Tova Tzimuki
Published: 28.12.17, 08:29
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1. your extremist minorities you already in broad daylight
epo   (12.28.17)
... he bribes the rabbies with your tax payer money in turn for supporting his cover up...

published with pics in the paper.
2. Sad day! Bye Democracy hello Kleptocracy
3. absurd ......
steve s   (12.28.17)
This law does not curtail police investigations, or State Attorney review of those findings, or the decision to issue indictments, or the judicial process. Therefore the quotations noted in this article are absurdly ignorant and irrelevant ........
"dark day against crime and corruption". "this is a law whose only purpose is to intimidate the police and State Attorney's office". "it discriminates between citizens and undermines equality before the law".

Remember: "innocent until proven guilty", not ...... "guilty when accused".
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