Jerusalem Central Bus Station terrorist charged with attempted murder
Yael Friedson, Yishai Porat
Published: 28.12.17, 13:05
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1. I hope Israel boots this vermin's sorry islamic a$$ across
A ,   OutThere   (12.28.17)
the Jordan River here he belongs, instead of forcing the already overburdened Israeli taxpayer to finance his meals, education, internet, etc. in prison.
2. israeli courts are overcompensating
joe   (12.28.17)
Israeli deterrence is suffering from a court system that is bleeding heart. why do arabs fear putin for comparison purposes. read this....
Putin says terror suspects can be killed ‘on the spot’
Russian President Vladimir Putin says that armed terrorists should be “liquidated on the spot,” calling the blast that tore through a Saint Peters burg supermarket and wounded 14 people an “act of terror.”
o harbor plans to carry out acts of terror in our country.”

of course putin is a dictator. however, even the idea that Arab terrorist prefers to be killed to a lifetime in prison, the israeli prison system seems to empower inmates later released ie haniyeh, sinwar and so on. plus they take courses, 3 great meals a day, visits, tel calls. call it the prisoners resort.

there should be a line in between putin's methods and the current israeli administration of justice so that certain offenses deserve death regardless of deterrence. thus the terrorist who killed 3 family members should be liquidated. the state does not need the burden of 50,000 per year for the next 50 years.
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