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Kinneret not in danger of drying up, expert says
Alexandra Lukash
Published: 29.12.17, 14:23
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1. Now this is what you call,,,,
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (12.29.17)
"Fake News". Oh it's drying up, it's prophecied to dry up. "Gog and Magog/Fake Jews" in the holy land are prophecied to drain the Sea of Galilee and consume all that it comes in contact with. Just a few days ago there were articles of a project to replenish the the waters of Sea of Galilee with desalinated water from the Mediterranean sea. One or the other of these situations is,,,,,,,, "Fake News" by "Fake Jews".
2. don't know where the Prof is coming from - no logic to it.
Rafi ,   US   (12.31.17)
there is a severe drought in the region - - and the Kinneret and other natural water sources are receiving little or NO precipitation runoff this season.

Moreover large quantities of water continue to be pumped out of the Kinneret, primarily for agriculture purposes...

The water volumes ARE declining rapidly.

What is there not to understand? Yet you're saying "nothing to be concerned about...?"
3. Who cares? We've got the whole Mediterranean to desalinate!
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