Thousands of Palestinians riot in West Bank, Gaza for 4th week
Yoav Zitun, Reuters
Published: 29.12.17, 16:09
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1. Why not?
tiki ,   belgium   (12.29.17)
Do they have anything better to do, like to better their own lives? Of course not. They've been to brainwashed to even think about that little detail.

Addicted to moronism!
2. Don't let them work in Israel -
barbara ,   Haifa   (12.29.17)
Stop giving them jobs in Israel - then you'll see that economics will win over ideology. They (Gazans) are just taking advantage of us Israelis. We are "friai'im". What do you do with a bratty child? Discipline them.
3. The Arab World is losing its patience
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.29.17)
Yet again it seems that Abbas is attempting to manipulate and ochestrate Arab political opinion TO DANCE TO HIS TUNE

Hes tried it with the Al Aqsa Metal Detector fiasco and now the Jerusalem Capital story..or non try yet again to force Arab Governments to act against their national interest

And worse still his implied threats to follow in Hamas footsteps to betray the Arab World in favour of Iran if the Arab World did not comply with his demands takes Abbas political gamesmanship to dangerous levels

We KNOW that subject to having the WILL on both sides there is a WAY to resolving the Israel-Palestinian conflict that addresses Palestinian statehood and Israel security

So why would Abbas rather keep the tensions simmering..and perpetuate the status quo?
4. Yet mad Israeli support for "Palestinians" keeps coming...
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.29.17)
No matter how much "Palestinians" murder us, maim us, boycott us, demonize us and harm Israel in every humanly possible way, the mad flow of Israeli support to "Palestinians" keeps coming!

Israel is the ONLY nation, in all of human history, to voluntarily support its enemies. Why doesn't every sane Israeli see a problem here?
5. With 90% unemployment ,lots of time for days of rage
Alan   (12.29.17)
6. theme .....
steve s   (12.29.17)
Friday prayers followed by social violence. Quite a pattern, and something all Palestinians seem to be proud of. This is moronic behavior.
7. keep the press out for their own safety
jared   (12.29.17)
as it can get dangerous, protect the press by keep them out of combat zones. also, one wants to avoid distortions and setups.
8. rioters are protesting against Abbas..
Adler   (12.30.17)
not against Trump or Israel. In fact arabs know pretty well
that Jerusalem is Israel capital since 1948..Palestinians will celebrate
next year 201

9. rioters are protesting Abbas...
Adler   (12.30.17)
they are not against Trump and Israel, in fact
all arab nations know very good that Jerusalem is Israel capital
since 1948. Palestinians will celebrate 30 years since their
declaration of independence in 1988, while Israel will be celebrating
70 years of independence. Stop incitement and violence.
10. I'm sure there's a surplus ammo in IDF waiting to either be
used or discarded....?
11. foreign nationals married to palestinians
jeri   (12.31.17)
Israeli security of course has to check and vet foreign nationals married to Palestinians for security reasons. if it was up to gabbay and herzog, they would flood the west bank with foreign nationals potentially increasing the terror problem.

the best course is for arabs married to foreign nationals to join them in their countries of origin.

in the meantime, Israeli tv has to broadcast origins of jews and arabs in judea and samaria. they will then see clearly that Jews are and were indigenous, while the Palestinians were arabs from other countries who were occupiers.

finally,ion international politics, while trump lies his way everywhere, he was a reaction to obama and clinton. obama was a 3rd world Arabic moslem in all of his actions and tried to remake the USA into a moslem nation;so much of the population said no when they had a chance to vote. and Clinton for all her fancy rhetoric, lacked stamina and courage;trump was right about this.

so abbas and sinwar can threaten all they want, it has no or rather the opposite effect on trump. likewise, whereas john kerry kissed Iranian ass to get the lousy appeasement deal, trump says we'll see and now has encouraged Iranian protesters, who loathe the ayatollahs and ari larijani. they loathe them. the regime will be overthrown some dayand the heads of it will flee like cowards with their stashes to moscow. recall that clinton and obama were weak when it came to iran. obama in fact did and said nothing during earlier iranian iranian friend of mine told me that much of the Iranian population is prowest. the regime fears them the most and try and deflect by saying death to israel and usa. other usa leader would not speak out and confront the rogues like trump has. that is why he got elected president.

12. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (12.31.17)
occupation; professional rioter.
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