Nearing nine million: Israel in numbers on eve of 2018
Amir Alon
Published: 31.12.17, 18:26
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1. Like a tick on a hogs back,,,
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (12.31.17)
it sucks that blood until it burst. You can actually see blood spots on animals where they, the ticks just keep sucking blood until it burst. This the great "Zionist Project" just wants to pack that tiny little country(the size of New Jersy) with Jews only thereby overriding quality as to quantity. We'll just wait for the blood spots,,,,, oh wait,,, we're seeing them everyday. Hey isn't Jersey a cow?
2. Fake numbers. 4-5 yrs ago the number was 7 million...
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (01.01.18)
Israel is faking the statistics. How 7 million turn into 9 million in just 4-5 yrs ??
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