Iranian protestors keeping with revolutionary tradition
Nadav Eyal
Published: 01.01.18, 23:50
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1. And the Western "leaders" are mum on the subject! You draw
your own conclusions.
2. Now the Aytolas will call in the cavelry. The Plesteinans
jos re ,   la   (01.02.18)
on motorcycles who will kill the protesters in drive byes and with snipers. And the Eros-trash will be perfectly fine with this.
3. these protestors are brave, may they remain united
Tehraniporou   (01.02.18)
and grouped they are braver than me and they know that they dont have any future in iran with this regime. They cannot escape like my generation of priviledged people did, where every blocks in my neighbourhood in north tehran was getting sold in 1990 to the thieves of the regime who became property developers. People sold apartments, lands and houses below market value for million of dollars to come to Europe or the US to be greeted as if we were terrorists, some of us did well, some didnt. Now even the religious people are desperate and try to leave for turkey when they can, It is sad that the revolution cost 40 years of development to everyone. A free democratic iran will not come easily or peacefully and it will not be a yesman in the region serving US interests, It is a good start that these people demand accountability and it would be good to remind them these days how much money the larijanis, ejei, janati the IRGC mafiosi and the rest of the establishment has looted while they were forced to work three jobs when they were lucky to work... May Khamenei be wise enough to organize an orderly transition at some point before he passes away, I dont want the desintegration of iran or a bloody civil war
4. Well put but this is only part of the story
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.02.18)
The fact is that Iran is only a wannabe power, overextended itself all over the Middle East, Shia Arabs are not happy to have the Ajamin (Persians) rule over them, Sunni Arabs actively oppose them, thousands of Iranians died in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon and Iran is probably in heavy debt to Russia.

All those facts combined with the authors narrative cause the unrest in Iran.
5. Mullahs hijacked it last time
Rami ,   Helsinki   (01.02.18)
I hope they don't fall for the old trick. People who do not denounce mullahs should not be part of the revolution. Apocalyptic mullahs are not the same as islamic fate. There were plenty of friendly pro-Israel imams before 1979.
6. SAVAK was not toppled
C   (01.02.18)
its name was changed, first to savama.

it is true that the ideological underpinnings of the regime in iran changed
from secular to a shia theocracy which has the aim of of spreading
the shia revolution far beyond its borders.
however, the methods of repression used by the genocidal shia regime
are the same, indeed worse, than during the shah's regime.
there are more security forces engaged in repression and torture,
such as the basijis which number in the millions.
the shia terror regime arrests and tortures foreign nationals and imprisons
them in the notorious evin prison.
the shia terror regime uses terror proxies such as hezbollah to
murder, kidnap, blow up people in foreign lands.
iran is known to be one of the premier terror states in the world.
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