Ahed Tamimi, mother Nariman indicted for assault of IDF soldiers
Elisha Ben Kimon, Yoav Zitun
Published: 01.01.18, 16:16
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1. If Mark Sherman spread rumour she wasn't a virgin,he checked
ab   (01.01.18)
,she'd be dead in hands of his beloved pals
2. to Arnie Yeso (and all the rest )
Stan ,   Israel   (01.01.18)
Like you, I am a Jew and a Zionist. As an Israeli, I understand the situation far better than you do. For decades, Settlers have made the lives of the residents of Nebi Salih a nightmare.(A fate suffered by many Palestinian villages) The settlers have illegally expropriated land and the water supply of the village.
When this story first appeared a couple of weeks ago, Ahed Tamimi was 14 years old. Now all of a sudden she is a fully grown terrorist. As a student in the ninth grade she can be 14 or 15, but the authorities have to show her as a "danger to our brave soldiers." What bullsh t
3. Just get her mug off the streets
Miss curly might just need to learn the hard way.
5. May she fade into obscurity languishing in jail
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (01.01.18)
While Yazidis, Kurds and Copts are ethnically cleansed and butchered by her clan
6. This is the kid who is NOT going to make peace with us
Brian Cohen ,   judean peoples front   (01.01.18)
Sorry, Stan, but I'm gonna take your claims with a big lump of salt about how innocent these locals are. Those darned "settlers"? Gimme a break. There is no ssuch thing as "the settlers" just like there is no such thing as "those Palestinians".
The bottom line is that this young woman symbolizes the new Palestinian who apparently does NOT want to live in peace with two states. Her government teaches her to hate us, and the opposition that wants to take over her government (Hamas) says very clearly their goal is to get rid of us (they simply don't bother talking about the obvious genocide they want to commit).
Any teen in any country who walks up to a uniformed security officer and smacks him in the face...well, yea, she got arrested and charged and will become a local hero. Reality: she's guilty of assault and will do her time.
7. @Stan
Doreen ,   Sharon   (01.01.18)
Spot on!
8. give her same sentence as Otniel's Eliraz Fein! fair is fair
they're both blond!   (01.01.18)
9. Throat punch would end her career better than jail.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (01.02.18)
The IDF's soldier's actions are not "restraint," it's cow-towing to political correctness. For an army that can lay claim to creating krav maga and kapap, this lack of response is atrocious. There is no other army or law enforcement agency in the world that would allow its troops to endure this b.s. Touch a cop in the United States and you're gonna get arm barred, put on the ground and thrown in cuffs. Done. Wake up Israel.
10. Intruderslapping
Beachgirl ,   Jerusalem   (01.02.18)
That's exactly what I do to males settling on
my towel on the beach.
11. the open notebook........
tiki ,   belgium   (01.02.18)
Israel let her do her "heroic" activism for years but was making notes it in the notebook with her name on it.

Now, the day of reckoning has come and signals the end of the road for her & her "activism".
12. You're right, Dr. Quack Olives, 25 years is too long
A ,   OutThere   (01.02.18)
of a burden on the Israeli taxpayers to keep the Tamimi sharmootot fat and happy in Israeli prison. Who knows, the little whore Ahed might even get a proper education, something her parents and the PA would never bother providing her. A better sentence would be to demolish their house and repatriate the whole family to "palestine" across the river where they belong. I'm sure Abdullah could find a wealthy Bedouin sheik who would be more than willing to trade a few goats for a young, healthy breeder like Ahed Tamimi.
13. Israel must end absurd pampering of "Palestinian" foes
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.02.18)
The Tamimi family have found a formula that works. They keep insulting, attacking, degrading and even murdering Israelis, and Israel insanely keeps putting up with it!

The Tamimi family illustrate Israel's absurd pampering of our mortal "Palestinian" foes. No matter how much "Palestinians" maim, murder, terrorize, boycott, demonize us, and harm us in every humanly possible way, Israel keeps pampering them and showering them with food, money, electricity, work permits, materials etc. Israel is the only nation, in all of human history, to voluntarily support its enemies!

It is way past time everyone who loves Israel DEMANDED the immediate, permanent end of our absurd pampering of our mortal "Palestinian" foes. Their intent is to mass murder us and steal our sole tiny Homeland. They proudly scream their intent from the rooftops. We need to deal with them as the defeated murderous foes they are.
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