African migrants given 3 months to leave Israel or face jail
Reuters, Amir Alon and Yonatan Baniyeh
Published: 02.01.18, 18:57
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1. Are they truthfully refugees or victims of human trafic
bob   (01.02.18)
Sudanese and Eritreans are not so big deal at least we have their numbers. May be they are aggressive but controllable with force or power. there is a wave of illegal emigrants from Asia and East Europe which could even have the capacity to challenge the Jewishness of Israel. Be aware.
2. Illegal entry
Nitirootman ,   Toronto   (01.02.18)
Is it so difficult to understand that “ illegal entry” means that a law has been broken to which there should be a consequence. We do not have the right to cherry pick which laws we will obey and which ones we won’t. That behaviour leads to anarchy. A country has the right and the obligation to its citizens to control its borders.
3. In Poland hatred of Jews came with huge population explosion
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.02.18)
Before World War Two, there was a rapid growth of Haredi population in the larger cities of Poland, which drove the lower classes in the local public to hate ALL of the Jews. And we know how the Polish population behaved during the War.

In Africa today, the population explosion runs amok unchecked. It has been estimated that Africa alone will soon be able to meet all of the simple labor requirements of the entire world. That's even without the threat of automation to replace the simple-task (uneducated) workers. It is the biggest threat which an illegal immigration delivers to any country. Israel cannot avoid having this problem along with all the other countries.
4. More Muslims are unwelcome in Israel, period. Expel all.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.02.18)
5. They can cope in Rwanda just as they do in Israel
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (01.03.18)
When the Africans came here they spoke no Hebrew & little English. So the learned the language & got menial jobs. They can do the same in Rwanda, which has once of the fastest growing economies in Africa.
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