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Iran deploys Revolutionary Guards to quell 'sedition' in protest hotbeds
Reuters, Liad Osmo
Published: 03.01.18, 21:35
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Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.03.18)
2. Shia terror regime: it is payback time
C   (01.03.18)
this vile genocidal regime has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands
of people in the middle east.
their revolutionary guard thugs and al quds thugs are sent to foreign
countries to murder and rape people, including children.
this vile thuggish regime came to power through force of arms.
they do not represent the people of iran.
the people of iran want freedom and prosperity.
the people of iran do not want to be ruled by totalitarian
evin prison and all vestiges of totalitarian rule must be destroyed.
prayers for the people of iran.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (01.04.18)
turbin form falling. Muslims are so sad. They really only see violence as the answer to any problem. We all expected that.
4. Delilah to Qom
joseph ,   Hollywood   (01.04.18)
War with Iranian proxies is imminent. Israel will beat back these morons, but the Revolutionary Guards will not be far behind. Israel must ready Delilahs to take out the Theocratic leadership in Qom. Preferably the strike should happen when the Ayatollahs are in their annual meeting/elections. 2 or 3 Delilahs from a sub in the Black sea should do the job. Without the Ayatollahs, the Revolting Guards will be taken care of by the Iranian masses who despise them. Without the largess of the Ayatollas, the Revolting Guards will implode on their corrupt selves.
5. Kings speak of sedition
This human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (01.04.18)
Us mere humans are just trying to keep going. Thanks be there is One who is more than all of us mere humans, king, "supreme" human, or mere human such as I.
6. Power mad mullahs about to be eradicated.
BBB   (01.04.18)
Someone should remind Obama of this folly, gifting Iran billions that they spend on funding terror leaving their own people hungry isn't a stroke of genius.

I hope to see beheaded bodies of the mullahs being eaten by dogs in the streets.

Good for the dogs and good for the Iranian people.
7. The kingping deploys the hitmen. A lot of the people in the
Tehraniporou   (01.05.18)
lower ranking IRGC do not believe themselves in the fairy tales that the regime broadcast, they are with the people, they aer part of the people (share the same economic plight of the people, only the leadership has apartment in sharrak gharb and niavaran and dubai) even if they are instructed and brainwashed to forget it. I believe that the IRGC will prove unreliable at some juncture against unarmed iranians. But unlike the shah the mullahs are not afraid of a bloodbath, they will send in hezbollah and thats where the israelis might be useful in preventing their arrivals. At some point the israelis will need to be all in as well with the iranians to rid the region of these clever thieves
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