French prime minister's nephew stabbed in Eilat
Itamar Eichner
Published: 09.01.18, 09:45
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1. There goes tourism from France...
Deavman ,   Ta   (01.09.18)
2. "Israelis" usually a code word for... Arab "Israelis"
More2ThisStory ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.09.18)
3. this is the terror that france and canada embrace
jean   (01.09.18)
the french and canadian bleeding heart leaders, who embrace diversity, say middle east refugees should come with all their baggage to their countries for diversity. and if they join isis and then return, not to worry, they will after a short jail sentence be deprogrammed and remain citizens with full benefits.

never mind that hate speech and incitment and intimidation increase in both countries. so here in eilat, the french pm's sonand friends get stabbed by likely the terrorists they embrace and who they want to give a state.

israelis learned the hard way. there are plenty of places in the middle east for refugees to be resettled, with their common religion. this is what some european countries are saying. europe is drowning in incitment, terror and hate speech.

trudeau will be thrown out in the next election for his naive view of what makes people tick.

so france congratulation on your policies of appeasement and fear.
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