Mossad chief: We have eyes, ears and more in Iran
Itamar Eichner
Published: 09.01.18, 14:13
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1. herzog just pathetic appeaser
mark   (01.09.18)
herzog just came out allegedly and offered saudis a special place on the temple mount admin ' and furthur, herzog will work to create a palstinian state implying that peace would come. herzog said he and gabbay would work towards this. he wants abbas to make a real concession. in return for land, he wants abbas to address theknesset.

what kind of ignorant disconnected man do we have here?? The last 24 years taught him nothing? How the hell was he raised with rose colored glasses. herzog is a security disaster for israel as would be gabbay.

you don't say a word about concessions before negotiations start and demand the other side to make tangible concessions as well, not insignificant ones.

and israel has to administer its own places of worship and control its own security, no sharing with saudi or anyone else.

you cannot make up this kind of politician, a babe in the woods of the middle east where there is no mercy for the weak.
2. Why are you bragging about Mossad in Iran ?
barbara ,   Haifa   (01.09.18)
I don't understand - thought undercover secret work is to be secretive ?
Why are we letting everyone (enemies) know we are in their land to usurp
them ? A little low profile, please ?
3. Llkjh
lwd ,   Beith Shalom   (01.13.18)
They shall be outlawing and banishing the writings of the prophets and the Word as a next move also support these reforms allegedly ..perhaps turn the blue in the Israeli flag into red would be ,for them , a necessary fourth step ..sstrife for righteousnes.
4. Iran will be dealt with. Then the issue of Mr. Obama...
JVC ,   LA, USA   (05.01.18)
5. Keep low key why do you have to scream it from roof top. It’
dana   (05.10.18)
It’s stupid.
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