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Tunisian synagogue set on fire by Molotov cocktails
Reuters, AP
Published: 10.01.18, 14:22
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1. Muslims only think of themselves
Sam ,   Montreal   (01.10.18)
Muslims firebomb Jewish schools and synagogues all over the world but do nothing about it. Here in Quebecl they get attacked and demand a National anti- Islamaphobic day. They are selfish crybabies.
2. Religion of peace
Rami ,   Helsinki   (01.10.18)
Maybe they just want 'european jews' to go back to Europe.... oh wait. Why are Jews still living in these countries. You can preserve your traditions in Israel asl well. It will not get any easier for those who stayed.
3. Exposing the Lie
Jake ,   Dallas   (01.11.18)
Exposes the Lie That Muslims only hate “zionists”. We know they hate all Jews, then all Christians then all of humanity. They are driven by a desire to dominate and destroy all that is better than they are - and that is all. The Koran has told them they are the best but their eyes show them they are the worst and the cognitive dissonance makes them insane.
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