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Germany's migrants may have to visit Nazi concentration camps
Published: 10.01.18, 17:46
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1. what a stupid idea.
moishe ,   golutsk   (01.11.18)
what a stupid idea to let jihadi "migrants" learn from the Nazis how to get rid off the Jews.
2. Big Mistake
PaulD ,   Jerusalem   (01.10.18)
Jew-hating misfits go to Holocaust Museums to rejoice in the genocide of Jews. Germany will accomplish the exact opposite exposing this hateful slime to the camps. Take them instead to a bridge and throw them off, they are unworthy of any kindness.
3. bizarre
epo   (01.11.18)
4. germany's migrants.
Joseph Koenig ,   new york   (01.10.18)
Sending Germany's muslim immigrants to visit the death camps is a horrible plan. It will give them ideas.
5. Idiot Germans
Dr Rob Lee ,   NYC   (01.10.18)
Don't they realize that Muslims raised in places like Syria look to Birkenau as
as a place of pilgrimage for the near successful murder of they're sworn enemy, al-Yahud. Their only regrets, like Eichmann, their idol, would be that the job was not completed.
6. "Compelling" visitation to the camps seems ill-conceived
Rafi ,   US   (01.10.18)
Compulsion is never a way to win outside hearts & minds - particularly financially struggling refugees.

(Compelling the German perpetrators to visit is another matter.)
7. Wishful thinking
Ezra ,   Boca Raton   (01.10.18)
All the visits to the concentration camps will be to no avail. This is feel good action with no substance. The anti Semites will continue to harass and murder Jews so long as the EU governments treat them with kid gloves and and continue to try to impress on them the wrong they are doing. At the end it is a PR stunt by Germany and the Jewish community that hopes and prays for miracles. The time has come to create our own miracles. Pressure the German government to deal with terrorists among them for whom they have opened their doors widely to increase intelligence gathering, identify them and send them back to their country of origin.
8. Yep, like taking pedophiles to kindergartens!
9. If the new German immigrants
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (01.11.18)
want to feel as the Jews did years ago, they should be interred in the camps as a way to actually feel some of the pain and horrors that the Nazi inflicted upon Europe's Jews.

Seems most folks forget that the Nazi's and Muslims were allies in WW2.

Their mutual goal was the elimination of all Jews.

Never forget
never again.
10. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (01.15.18)
in time EU will have a serious problem of Moslems wanting more rights and tribal Europeans fighting back. will create open warfare.who knows how nasty things will get? history repeats. Moslems will not take it lying down this time unlike Jews in the past. or..EU will become Moslem. won't be around, thank you.
11. Perhaps each immigrant should
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (01.25.18)
be forced to remain in the camps for 6 months to get the real feeing of being a Jews?
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