Deri: 'I've no intention of enforcing Supermarkets Law'
Yuval Karni
Published: 11.01.18, 11:51
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1. poor dude: he was "forced" to act!
2. Deri was jailed once
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.11.18)
he can,and should be, again, lying sack of sh*t. He has proven himself incapable of the responsibilities of holding public office, how he was allowed back in the Knesset is a stain on Israel's election laws. If he has no intention of using the law, then why was he trying to pull a man from Shiva for his wife to vote for this law? Deri is a liar, plain and simple, and anyone who votes for him is voting for dishonesty in government.
3. so why this law???????
tomer ,   jerusalem   (01.11.18)
and what will happen once deri leaves office?

What on earth is going on in this government?????
4. So WTFCUK was the point!
5. "Take off your clothes, I have no intentions of......" :-)
6. Is it halachically acceptible to have no shame?
לאון   (01.12.18)
It really bothers me that a convicted criminal is sitting again in the same chair he once had to abandon to go to prison. How is that at all possible? Is it halachicaly acceptible to have no shame?!
And now again the guy is lying with every breath! Of course he didn't initiate the law, and Haredim didn't, I guess the secular did to shoot themselves in the leg, didn't they? And the law gives him no authority to actually implement it, of which he has no intention too.
Am I supposed to believe that the whole purpose of passing the law was public entertainment?
Aryeh Deri is a walking proof of moral and intellectual decline of the religion in the Jewish state.
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