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No Jews, no 9/11, says leading US neo-Nazi
Ran Boker
Published: 11.01.18, 17:55
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1. You could be a,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (01.11.18)
poor, in poverty starving to death black biafran African negro in Africa, being oppressed by you own kind with no hut,,,, and your life would be 100 times better then having this "Mark of the Beast" and being around this accursed Jew.
Robert ,   Israel   (01.11.18)
There shouldn't be room for this nazis in the US. Too many American citizens and from other nationalities died fighting his ancestors in order to free Europe from the nazi scum. Germany is ashamed of them. An enormous part of humanity is also ashamed of them. How are they still allowed to live in the US and to continue with their aberrant ideals?
3. Jews came to America
at the same time as the white trash fleeing the Irish famine and even before.
Jews are no less American than these thugs
4. Expect this to go mainstream on the right in a few years
Liberals destroy countries whenever they're in power, and liberal media is their most effective tool. Given Jews' prominence in the American media, we are being blamed for the ideology's excesses. If you want to end Anti-Semitism, end liberalism
5. He's eligible to become columnist of "Haaretz"
ab   (01.11.18)
6. If you look up A Hole in a dictionary.....
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan...   (01.11.18)
His photo would be next to the definition.
7. A nativist anit-semite with a germanic name ....
Zippy's Used Cars ,   Levittown, NY   (01.11.18)
home stream, really? Notice despite the so called anti-semitism "home-stream" doesn't in any way threaten the 9/11 narrative.
8. Ben Rhodes has really put on weight
Empress Trudy ,   Raleigh   (01.11.18)
Not an attractive look on him
9. Neo Nazis coming out in force in the USA
yospit64 ,   Beere Sheva   (01.11.18)
Neo Nazis emboldened by Trump coming out and giving interviews, spitting out their antisemitism to Israeli newspapers. America and Israel are on the wrong tracks!
10. America’s Jews
Arnie ,   Montreal   (01.11.18)
What of all the hundreds of years that Jews were in America for the growth in America for the good times. Those don’t count? And who is he to say that America is not experiencing good times now? The markets are doing well. Unemployment is down. Trump is in the White House. What more can this ignoramous want?
11. Misguided Lad
Noodles   (01.11.18)
Apparently, he doesn't realize that Zionism is the greatest political movement ever created on God's green earth.
12. dream aryan?
sandra ,   Mortsel   (01.11.18)
What a beautiful specimen of a real aryan uebermensch ! Please someone, get me a throw-up bag. Urgently !
13. We're to blame for...huh?!
manic drummer ,   Haifa   (01.11.18)
For slavery? For stealing land from Native-Americans? For locking up Japanese-Americans in internment camps during WWII? For denying women the right to vote? For the big crash of 1929? For inflation? For continued dependency on fossil fuels? For the lead in drinking water? For the persistently low achievement test scores every year? For New Coke? For Roseanne Barr getting the mistaken impression that she was ever a talented actor?

Feel free to contribute to the list.
oleg ,   sunny florida   (01.12.18)
IN 1923 THE NEW YORK TIMES DESCRIBED HITLER AND THE EARLY NAZIS AS BOY SCOUTS. TAKE THIS SNAKE SERIOUSLY. When the economy in America goes up side down the jews will pay dearly.
15. A man to the liking of our Piss-Partners & Euro-dhimmas !
16. Matthew Heimbach
Peter Schweitzer   (01.12.18)
You just Forget Vietnam, second world war as well!
The Jews were also responsible too...

Traditonalist Youth Worker founder Heimbach sounds like the old German Teutonical barbaric world complot.
Just a personal message for Matthew you need some professional help!
Now to Ron Boker,
Boker Tov,

Twitter suspended the account of Matt Heimbach on January 3, 2017 and you're gonna to open a channel at Ynet for this Kind of supremacist !!!

The jews are indeed to blame for Matthew Heimbach being such a sad ,demented waste of skin...
20. Heimach....sounds Aryan right?
Paul ,   Brisbane   (01.13.18)
He is right on one thing though, you and your fraudulent Old-Testament theme park have caused way more trouble than you could ever be worth, even given your holy Chosen-ness.
21. He looks Jewish
22. Satan is Behind 9/11
Lucille   (01.15.18)
All terrorism is fueled by Satan. As for September 11, the religious leaders were not right with God and attacked the prophet of the Lord. But "... we shall all stand before the judgment seat ..."
23. No 9-11 No Jews
BBB   (01.25.18)
better yet, no Nazi bas*ards like this idiot.
He should move to Germany and be jailed for his anti semitic comments.
24. # 20 bet you're sad the Nazi's lost, right?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (01.25.18)
If you don't like the fact that Israel was reborn after a 2,000 hiatus ( just as predicted ) then you should complain to the G-d of Israel.

What trouble has Israel caused? Except she reclaimed the land chosen and given to her by the G-d of Israel.

The Muslims fight amongst themselves like brainless twits while Israel has built a mighty nation.

One might say the same for Australia who send convicts to rape Australia, kidnap the natives children in hopes of making them Christian.
That can never be said of Jews.
As for the Old- testament them park she is now America's most loyal ally.

Disneyland has theme parks with Mice as their logo, I suggest you go there and become one of the crawling vermin.
You poor anti semitic nit wit.
25. So Jews are also responsible for Jesus, right?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (01.25.18)
And the ten commandments and the Holy Bible which is the number one worlds best seller given freely to all.

I'll claim that record any day, all day, every day!
26. Don't give this monster a platform
Reuven   (08.05.18)
He's a vile character who has nothing of value to say. Why give this cdreep a platform?
27. Mossad agents were arrested on 9/11
USS LIberty ,   New York   (09.05.18)
It's a matter of indisputable fact that Israeli Mossad agents were arrested on 9/11 after they were seen celebrating the collapse of the Twin Towers.
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