Thousands protest religious coercion in Ashdod
Matan Tzuri, Yehudit Keller
Published: 13.01.18, 21:07
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1. If only they would protest the genocide against the Jews
2. well, sooner or later all of Israel will look like Iran.
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (01.14.18)
3. Imagine
David Horne ,   Portland Oregon   (01.14.18)
Israel is a pressure cooker; can you imagine what would happen if it found itself at peace with its neighbors! Without an external enemy Israel would fracture and splinter, just like every other religous based society. Once it's decided that Israel is to be a "Jewish" state, the next question is: whose Judaism, mine or yours? Good luck with that one.
4. we, the People want our rights back, hear that, "Rebbe"?!
5. This will end in Two State Solution: one for the regular,
sane and secular Israelis and another for the Followers of Imaginary friend.
There's absolutely no practical way for the two to coexist, given the very nature of religion: it is all or nothing with them. always was, always shall be.
6. Can anyone explain the logic...
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana   (01.14.18)
Of "preventing desecration of the Shabbat" by sending out municipal inspectors to issue citations to businesses open on Shabbat, thereby desecrating the Shabbat?

Maybe I'm naive, but that seems to me like hypocrisy so rotten it stinks worse than any dead fish.
7. “Sane & Regular”=Jews by accident of birth
RespectJewishValues ,   Jerusalem   (01.14.18)
We are in Israel ONLY Because we are the only people nation born out of a faith/religion Golda Meir Said without
Respect for the 3 basics Shabbat Kashrut
And the Hebrew language we cease to be a people”
Maybe people who don’t believe that
Should ask themselves why they are here
Among the millions of Israelis 60-70 %
that do and maybe your place is elsewhere
8. Jewish state = follow Judaism
Shani ,   Beit Shemesh   (01.14.18)
If Israel is a Jewish state, then all stores owned by Jews should be closed on Shabbat.
#5 - most likely not. It is predicted that Orthodox Jews & Arabs will be the majority in the next 20 years. And if you ask me, most secular Jews will do teshuva by then and also become religious.
9. for sure 100% Russians and Ethiopians led it Meretz Liebermn
FakeJews ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.14.18)
no doubt led by Meretz and Lieberman's party
if they cant respect basic tenants of Judaism maybe
they are in the wrong country
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