Opinion  Orly Azoulay
The goal: A blonde America
Orly Azoulay
Published: 16.01.18, 23:51
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1. Oh Good God
Lucienne   (01.17.18)
Seek help.
3. Nonsense
Jack Schwartz ,   New York   (01.17.18)
Is this lady serious.? What kind of garbage is this?
4. Some of the oldest forms of racism come,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (01.17.18)
from the Jew and their writings. The Ismail and Isaac story comes to mind, were Abraham sends Hagar and the young Ismail away into the desert at the order of Sarah. What father, what man sends a wife and child into the God damned desert. This story has been the basis for race hatred of Arab people, dividing a family. 94% of white and light skinned Jews believe that a black or brown person can't be a Semite. It's like the expression "well you started the sh-t". Why are we even talking about Trump, a believer in the oneness of humanity should bentrying to summon up the Christ, Yeshua,,,, oh that name sounds so good,,, Yeshua(save) me. Holler his name at the top of your lungs so I can hear it here in DC. I have got an Anti-Christ in the White House about 5 miles from my house, I have got to hear Yeshua's(save me) name.
5. Provocateur
His daughter and grand children are Jewish. Can't we just observe instead of constantly stirring S ?
6. Orly - Since you color your hair, America is for you
Ben Aflack ,   Vancouver   (01.17.18)
Seems that Orly drinks the US/Canada liberal koolaid. Canada has a merit based emigration, why should the US be different?
7. Transportation Engineer
Richard Dougherty ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.17.18)
President Donald Trump is not anti black or anti Jewish.. Mr. Trump's son-in law and lawyer are both jewish! What President Trump wants is more people to come to America with skills and education. The dreamers want a good job and a good education. That however, is what we all want! In America, right now, we have too many people chasing too few jobs as it is! Try to get a teaching job or work for UPS! Affirmative Action means no white people! Let all of us try to be fair with everybody hear; then others!
8. Totally Ridiculous!
Ed ,   USA   (01.17.18)
This is total nonsense and should never have been published.
9. where are the facts?
Menachem Rafaelof ,   Yorktown, VA USA   (01.17.18)

Are you really a journalist? How could you make all these claims without providing actual facts? How could you group millions of voters as being racists? I will only comment on this point.

I have resided in many states in US now for 36 years. Trump has been elected by many that feel that they were left behind. This doesn’t make them racists!! I am a Jew (and did not vote for Trump) but completely understand those that did.

You should not spread hate.

10. This is not true.
This is not true. Trump said that he is not racist, and that he is the least racist person.
11. Twisted opinion
Gene   (01.17.18)
Absolute nonsense. How can a serious news paper print such twisted opinions.
13. The goal: a blond America
Franklin Paredes ,   Quito   (01.17.18)
Trump's father was a german immigrant, but to him saying Jews out, I personally thing he will not do it.
14. just a leftist plot
jhon   (01.17.18)
only slander and more infamy against a brave president, who has called things by his name. always the left perfidious will be happier with a clown like obama or the clinton, who wanted to destroy the us, israel and the whole world.
15. Propaganda, manipulation and free speach
Eyal   (01.17.18)
And what is even more interesting that in your terms and conditions is stated "Comments including context violating Ynetnews’s terms of service are not allowed. Including incitement, slander, and inappropriate comments." which is exactly what you are doing
If anything, you should be ashamed of yourself for doing all that but at the same time censoring opinion opposing yours
16. Article is no more than inflammatory nonsensical incitement
Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (01.17.18)
Any country has the right to control immigration just like Israel does.Otherwise there would be no countries.That is completely different from deporting or worse exterminating sections of a country populations.The writer is propagating dangerous and inflammatory nonsense and should be ashamed.
17. Trump is great friend of Jews, Israel & minorities
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.17.18)
Once again, Orly Azoulay disgraces the profession of journalism. Trump has received numerous awards for helping minority communities before he because president. Including one given to him by Black activist Jesse Jackson. Due to Trump's policies, unemployment among Blacks and Hispanics is now at a historic low. This fact is very easy to verify online.Trump is a great friend of Israel, and he is working hard to undo the enormous damage Obama did to Israel at the U.N. and elsewhere. Trump has made it known, through Ambassador Haley, that persecuting Israel at the U.N. will no longer be tolerated.Different opinions should be welcome, but Azoulay's writing has no relationship whatsoever to truth. Who is going to want to be a friend of Jews and Israel if we insanely treat our friends like garbage and kiss the boots of our enemies, like Obama and Clinton?
18. Mindbogglingly dumb. Does her condition have a name?
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.17.18)
I guess her memory only goes as far back as the election. She forgets the inconvenient truths that accompanied Obama: black panthers (thugs) intimidating white voters, Obama's spiritual mentor being a racist, anti-Semitic, USA-hating bigot, and Obama's use of the Justice Department as his private Storm Trooper corps.

Maybe she just doesn't like Trump's use of the English language. But think for a second: what would you call a country that has a corrupt government, corrupt judiciary, terrible self-inflicted poverty, non-functioning schools, and medical epidemics? A utopia? A socialist work-in-progress? No, plainly speaking, some countries are just sh-t-holes and that very simply tells you everything you need to know about them. That many people escape these places and get educations only proves that Trump was correct in his classification of them in the first place.

Orly, maybe you should consider another line work- maybe do a 'Dear Abby' column instead.
21. The elephant in the room
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (01.17.18)
Trump said something that neede to be said that no other politically correct president would dare to say
It is clear that Africa suffers from
- lack of accountability
- democratic dictatorship
- state capture
- cronieism
All resulting in lack of service delivery and poverty even though the root of all evil - colonialism - has long been removed
To understand this look no further than Zimbabwe and South Africa
So what exactly is wrong with calling these countries out for being the shitholes that they have become run by shitheads?
Maybe they would get the message and improve - but according to this article that is not possible as there is nothing to be improved
Thank you Trump for saying what needs to be said
25. The Goal, a Jewish State via ethnic cleansing, racism
Steve Benassi   (01.17.18)
27. Disagree
big ben ,   new york   (01.17.18)
this is straight out of the Democrat partisan slant;
Every country has a right to want an immigrant pool that comes from the highest economic pool and will integrate well into society.
Will Israel be willing to absorb millions from the third world?
28. Genius
Free Man ,   Andromeda   (01.17.18)
The perpetual lies and Fake News industry of the demented left regarding President Trump , knows no limit , this is one more , Suck it up YNet !
29. Total BS
Maurice ,   Los Angeles   (01.17.18)
May I remind the writer that Trump's own grand children are Jewish. Trump unless you just missed it is the only sitting US president to declare Jerusalem as Israel's capital. So he said that he'd rather have immigrants from Norway than from Haiti not because of race but because of level of education. The US is sovereign country and has the right to dictate who we let in. It should be based on merit. Nothing different that what Australia is doing. Do you consider Australia a racist country?
30. How right you are.
Dov ,   USA   (01.17.18)
I can say I'm proud to be living in NYC but I can't say I'm proud to live in the USA
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