PA President Abbas: 'Israel a colonial project, has nothing to do with Jews'
Elior Levy
Published: 14.01.18, 21:16
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1. If Israel is a colonial project...
Adele Franklin ,   Haifa   (01.14.18)
...and it has nothing to do with us Jews, then why make a fuss about it? And if it really is a colonial project and nothing to do with us, then it would mean that the Palestinians are the occupiers who need to be eradicated. Latkes, anyone?
2. Bradley Burston can now return to US,he`s always felt out
ab   (01.14.18)
of place in Israel,his Guru has just explained why.
3. There we go
Rami ,   Helsinki   (01.14.18)
Don't hide your true nature tubby. Let it all out. Idiot liberals in Europe will still think you as a man of peace anyway. Arabs were the biggest supporters of wahabbist from the desert who 100 years ago wanted to divide holy land. French and Brits betrayed everyone. They probably could not establish nation states because of evil anti-semites like this guy. Arafats uncle was a nazi supporter in WW2 and later main spokesman for fakestinians.
4. Like a demented child who cant get its own way
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (01.14.18)
Hes tried almost his own words..’to break Israel’

Hes tried framing Israel as Apartheid and now hes trying a new label..Colonialists

Hes tried erasing the history of Jews from Israel

Hes tried promoting trade, cultural, sports boycotts

Hes tried the ICC, unilateral declarations of independence and statehood

Hes tried ENDLESS UN resolutions to punish, admonish, condemn Israel

Hes tried fermenting violence and manipulating the Arab World into political corners

But the very ONE thing hes avoided doing is TALKING and NEGOTIATING with Israel that addresses BOTH Palestinian statehood and Israel security

5. Holocaust denying mass murderer Abbas has a tantrum
C   (01.14.18)
this delusional, corrupt, abbas is a pathological liar.
he falsely claims that jews have nothing to do with israel.
yet the qur'an refers to the children of israel numerous times.

abbas is waking up to the reality that he cannot bully
trump the way he had bullied obama.
6. No donkies just bloody parasites
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (01.14.18)
Sit on back of other, no able to live their lives other robbing and theft, as granted them time for recognizing their fake identity promotion came to the end their credit is off, as the lies get more sadistic and grotesque imaginable , how is possible to allowing this parasite to grow by sucking stupidity and absurdity???
So they want to play as martyrs, let it be!!!!!
7. Zionist
Dov ben David ,   Eilat   (01.14.18)
I accuse every world leader for to be an Anti Semite, if they do not understand Abbas message!
8. Abbas rejected Jlm as Pal capital
Dan   (01.14.18)
Israel offered it in 2001 and 2008. It was rejected by Arafat and then by Abbas.
RASTA MAN ,   SAFED JAMAICA   (01.14.18)
11. Just the leader the "palestinians" deserve
May he be their senile, useless "president" for ten more years of his four year term, which should add up to 20+ by then.
12. just stop .....
steve s   (01.15.18)
Stop all funding, stop all cooperation, stop all humanitarian aid, close the Jordan border ............ jeez ............. they do not want to cooperate with you, why cooperate with them! Put an end to this charade.
13. Abbas has lost the war and his mind.
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.15.18)
And the Arab-club UN tries to prolong the war as long as possible. Trump is correct in the way he's handling the issues.
14. six days the Arabs wished they never tackled.
Roger ,   San Bernardino   (01.15.18)
the six day war was a was when the Arab states got together to wipe out the Jewish state... little did they know they had a tiger in a bag..and when it was attacked it fought back so fiercly they had no idea what was about to hit them.. and they lost with each war against the Jewish state they lost. each war Israel gained land. and when we did finally give land back in good gesture for peace. well that is history we shall never NEVER repeat... it brought rockets to our door step... the Palestinians were given 2 green houses stocked with flowers that were being sold around the world at a great profit... and the Palestinians let Hamas destroy them because a Jew touched them... SAD... and that is where we are today... Abbas has even said when they become a state NO JEW will be allowed there... ever.. some peace partner... if the Palestinians ever realize how much money their leadership has been given and that is what has impoverished them and yet made the leadership rich..
15. We ought not wait any longer...
NadavKatz   (01.15.18)
Perhaps it is, indeed, time for the State of Israel to take the initiative and:

1. Dissolve the PLO's PA and outlaw the PLO and its components

2. Appoint local/regional governors in presently Areas A and B, who will also form the governing body of the newly established Autonomous Arab Area (AAA)

3. Incorporate the Arab villages around Jerusalem and those in the Triangle/Ara Valley into the AAA

4. Apply the Israeli legal system over presently Area C

The above contour for an accommodation is designed to usher peace, security, dignity and prosperity for all, Arabs and Jews alike. And, the four points above are deeply anchored in universal morality, international law and UN Charter.
16. Hey Mr. abbas
ik ,   USA   (01.15.18)
If you are so sure that there is no Jewish connection to Jerusalem why don't you start another war over it and see how you'll lose again?
17. Fact: Palestine is & was a colonial project
Jake   (01.15.18)
Arabs claim to be indigenous to the area but they dont even have an Arabic name for their supposedly Arabic homeland. They use a name coined by the Roman occupiers, because they too are foreign occupiers.

Palestine was a colonial project in Roman times, and the modern so-called "State of Palestine" is also a colonial project that would collapse overnight without foreign imperial backing.
18. All Arabs outside Arabian peninsula are a colonial project
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.15.18)
19. Will somebody already give this creep AIDS,like with Arafat?
20. Holocaust denier Abbas should be treated like Eichmann...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.15.18)
21. 'President' Abbas
tiki ,   belgium   (01.15.18)
The corrupt charlatan from 'Palestine' now starts to be completely senile.

In his frustration over all his non accomplices, he's taking his people with him for a bumpy ride into the future.

22. And so it goes on....
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (01.15.18)
....each side accusing the other of being fake, colonialist, etc. In this battle - sometimes hot, sometimes cold - the truth, as the old cliche goes, is the first casualty. And the only incontrovertible truth is that thousands of people get hurt and killed with each side blaming the other. I guess that ultimately the side with most firepower will win with the other beaten into submission. However, as the Jewish people know full well, bodies and and buildings may be crushed but the human spirit survives. The sooner this is recognised by all concerned the better.
23. Satan Spews Stupidity
Lucille   (01.15.18)
Listen to nothing that a cult puts forth. It is some truth mixed with error. Therefore, the whole thing is no good.
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