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Report: US set to cut UN funds for Palestinian refugees
Associated Press, Elior Levy
Published: 14.01.18, 23:08
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1. Time for action is now:
NadavKatz   (01.15.18)
Perhaps it is, indeed, time for the State of Israel to take the initiative and:

1. Dissolve the PLO's PA and outlaw the PLO and its components

2. Appoint local/regional governors in presently Areas A and B, who will also form the governing body of the newly established Autonomous Arab Area (AAA)

3. Incorporate the Arab villages around Jerusalem and those in the Triangle/Ara Valley into the AAA

4. Apply the Israeli legal system over presently Area C

The above contour for an accommodation is designed to usher peace, security, dignity and prosperity for all, Arabs and Jews alike. And, the four points above are deeply anchored in universal morality, international law and UN Charter.
2. So my tax money goes to pay terrorist
Joseph ,   USA   (01.15.18)
That will kill Jews. So the US can't kill the Jews openly do they pay the Palestinians to do their dirty job?
3. On one hand: India votes against us in the UN, but is such
a 'great" friend when our PM goes there, so why not (by the same token) regard the US as a "fantastic" supporter of Abu Adolf & his fiefdom, despite the financial cutback?!
4. Finally
Rami ,   Helsinki   (01.15.18)
Now please cut aid to Lebanese Army aka Hezbollah.
5. CUT IT DOWN TO ZERO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.15.18)
6. The PLO should be treated like ISIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.15.18)
7. Just like Obama's "tough love' for Israel :-))
8. Trump Needs Permission
Mark Sherry ,   USA   (01.15.18)
Trump does not have the power to decide the amount unless there is a single issue law passed by Congress. Otherwise he needs to get permission from Congress, in a law, to change any amount of money they decide to spend. trump may think he is King, but his powers are restricted. He is not the Ruler of the Universe, no matter how evil he tries to be.
9. At last - a president with common sense
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (01.15.18)
No more contrived schemes and worst case scenarios
Removing the obvious elephants in the room will not make the sky fall on our head but actually will solve the problem
Enough Arab chutzpah and lies
10. What Obama gave Trump takes back!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (01.15.18)
Love it!

Let the murderous Arabs go home Israel belongs to the Jews, always has, always will.

If the pals want more money go beg in the Muslim nations.

Oh, that's right they hate the pals more than Americans or Israeli's.

Love Trump!!!!
11. # 8 So now you're a lawyer?
BBB   (01.15.18)
I find your post idiotic.
If Obama had to power to give the pals money, Trump has the same power to take it away.
So far, Trump Is the ruler of this universe.

Obama is now under investigation for the uranium debacle.
12. # 8 Au Contrar
BUILD BABY BUILD !!T   (01.16.18)
Trump is both king and Ruler of the Universe

( right next to G-d Almighty the original Jew.)

Here's another kleenex Nelly now blow.
13. Larry, Cupertino Thanks
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (01.16.18)
Your post helps again to make Mark Sherry look like the jackass he's proved himself to be.
Executive power makes Trump King.
14. #2 Hmm, pays them but less
BBB   (01.16.18)
and, hopefully less and less until the US pays them zero.
15. Dov, USA I think your right!
BBB   (01.16.18)
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