Iran's leader accuses Saudis of 'treasonous collaboration with Israel'
Published: 16.01.18, 22:26
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1. Make up your mind
Rami ,   Helsinki   (01.16.18)
Do you want seperate Palestinian state or are you all part of one muslim ummah. It can't be both.
2. Shia terrorists are heretics
the genocidal terror regime of iran has been attacking sunni populations
for decades.
yet this vile regime expects the sunni nations to sit back and accept
shia acts of terror.
the shia terror regime has also murdered large numbers of americans.
they have kidnapped and tortured westerners, imprisoned them
in their notorious evin prison.
iran has threatened israel with annihilation on numerous occasions.

at present, this vile regime is arming the shia houthis in an effort
to harass and ultimately to conquer saudi arabia.
the saudis have the right as sovereigns to conduct their foreign relations
according to their own national interests. these interests
are the opposite of iranian interests.
3. sticks and ......
steve s   (01.17.18)
Sticks and stones
can break my bones
but names will never hurt me

Iran can spread their poisonous rhetoric but no one listens
4. Someone needs to tell this man that
Arnie ,   Montreal   (01.17.18)
Israel and America are not fighting against Muslims. Muslims are fighting against Muslims.
5. Irony. Iran is the one pushing Sucking Arabia toward Israel.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.17.18)
IRANIAN JEW ,   lala land   (01.18.18)
We got the popcorns for the big event.
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