Israeli fugitive in killing of Palestinian extradited from Brazil
Tova Tzimuki
Published: 17.01.18, 21:56
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1. he should be extradited to the palestinian state/authority
epo   (01.17.18)
2. Yes, hand him out to PA authority and rot in jail 100 yrs.
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (01.18.18)
3. Israeli Justice!
Ari ,   Ramat Chen   (01.18.18)
Glad to see that Israeli Justice also is applied to settlers or other reckless/dangerous people that harm Palestinian Arabs, not while in the act of self-defence.

When I served in Judea, a soldier fired a warning shot in the air, in Schem, during some altercation - hit a Palestinian Arab woman on her balcony and killed her. He was tried in court marshall and sentenced to a period in stockade for "reckless discharge of firearm". We were specifically informed about this by our officers, in order to stress that one cannot just shoot people unless the circumstances clearly require this, and to avoid harming bystanders, Jewish or Arab. And that if we did so we were personally liable.

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