Safed rabbi calls on IDF chief to resign over women in combat roles
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 18.01.18, 11:02
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1. Rabbis ban on participation in IDF
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (01.18.18)
Does this same misogynistic rabbi get paid by the state? He should be in a ghetto on some shtetl in the old country. Its not religion is coercion by a sick culture.
2. Expell Smotrich from Israeli politics
Abraham ,   Paris   (01.18.18)
Smotrich should be expelled from the Knesseth and from his party. He supports discrimination and religious fanatism. He is an enemy of every Israeli.
3. Nuts
Rami ,   Helsinki   (01.18.18)
Those heroic women are protecting his miserable life from the islamofascists as well.
5. Private Citizen
Steve Gure   (01.18.18)
Israel should look no further than Russia who fought for their country by so many heroic women. Compare them to the cowardly Rabbis who did nothing
6. The schmabbies have no autfority to rule on anything in IDF.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.19.18)
They serve no purpose in the country, not intellectual and not physical. Ignoring the schmabbies is the practical thing to do by everybody in Israel.
7. Thw rabbi abhorrs women.
The army is not much fun, but when women appear Army life is much happier.
Rabbi shlomo would never understand that.
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