Lieberman bans Sephardic chief rabbi from IDF events
Matan Tzuri, Goel Beno
Published: 20.01.18, 11:02
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1. The 2 most powerful words of 2018,,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (01.20.18)
"Fake Jews".
2. This is War Judaism VS Hellenists
NonJewishJewsGoHome ,   Jerusalem   (01.20.18)
Russian atheists and the Tel Aviv Kibbutz
Self Haters “ I ate dog meat” Tel Aviv Mayor
VS proud Jews VS Atheist “Israelis”
Demographics favor a return to
Judaism by the majority Why do those
Who do respect the basics of Jewish Civilization
Shabbat and Kashrut insist
On staying here there hearts are in
the non Jewish world please go there
This is War

3. The Rabbi's are right, but not good at political phrasing
judah ,   Jerusalem   (01.20.18)
Lieberman is a religious moran
4. I hate when a these costumed religious leaders are correct
Eliyahu Konn   (06.08.18)
The rest of you pushing women into military fighting positions are cruel and arrogant and foolish. Wonder woman is a comic you dolts.
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