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2017 Anti-Semitism Report shows hike in worldwide anti-Jewish incidents
Itamar Eichner
Published: 21.01.18, 16:24
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1. Rising Antisemitism
Noodles   (01.21.18)
Sure fire sign that WWIII is following in it's wake....
2. 21st-centur-model of anti-Semitism consists of an amalgam of
NadavKatz   (01.21.18)
three elements in society: Classic anti-Semites; "progressive" anti-Jewish activists; 7th-century-based Islamists. Another manifestation of the latest model of this deeply rooted disease is the drive to DEMONIZE the People of Israel, i.e. the Jewish people, and this people's national home; to DE-LEGITIMIZE both; and to seek the DEMISE of each. Anti-Semitism need to be exposed wherever it appears. But we, Jews, can only deal with it on a long term basis by ascending to the only national home that we have ever known, the Land of Israel with Zion/Jerusalem at its heart. We, the Jews of the State of Israel are awaiting you, sisters and brothers, with open arms and hearts to your homecoming.
3. We will never get rid of AS in Europe or in the Umma.(Islam)
Alan   (01.21.18)
No chance! Its in their mother's milk.
4. Anti-Judaism
Arnie ,   Montreal   (01.21.18)
Thanks to Western European rise in Islamic populations there is a rise in its hatred of Judaism. Prior to WW2 it was Christian based but now Christianity can sit back and enjoy the show while Islam gets the baton of hatred.
Our survival as Jews is like a chicken bone lodged in both their throats. We’ll go to your Jewish doctor to get the bone removed. Both religions of peace and love are NOT.
5. Logical outcome of a very focused activity.
6. Ynet rails against anti-Semitism
Jake Stein   (01.23.18)
while at the same time encouraging and abetting it right here in Israel. Every article and series of published comments that describes those you oppose: settlers, haredim, rightwingers in general, in extremely negative tones -- you are fomenting antisemitism. Jew haters worldwide probably smirk in satisfaction whenever they read an article condemning those with whom you disagree, thinking, "if Israeli Jews can publish such stuff on their sites -- so can we!" Your message is not lost on those Jew haters. How can you object to anti-Jewish talk (which often leads to actions) when you often do the very same thing?
7. Whitewashing Lefting antisemitism - mentioned 1nce.
The FACTS are that the large majority of antisemitism in the West comes from the Institutional left - government, media, education, and Muslims not from the right wing or far right who are often pro-Jewish.
8. Nearly every terror attack in Europe against Jews Islamic
9. Corbyn and Co the new Nazis - National Socialists
10. Ms
Marie Duke ,   London   (02.28.18)
Forgive the pedantry, but at 66 (according to your link) I don't think Ms Halimi would be considered a 'young woman' by most standards.
11. The Difference
David ,   bristol   (05.15.18)
Is there a difference between antisemitism and objecting to the actions of "The Jewish state" and its advocates?
How is the above talk of intolerance from a place where people are openly defined and restricted by religion not plainly offensive?
I do not expect response to this post or reasonable explanation from those who patronise recent and historic tragic events, just that "antisemitism" will sadly accumulate so long as there Is none.
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