Palestinian Christians slam Pence's pro-Israel faith
Associated Press
Published: 22.01.18, 22:39
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1. As opposed to the "healthy" ideology of Islam, yes?!??
2. Of course the "Christian Bishop" would say that...
SM ,   In the West   (01.23.18)
...the instinct of survival is a very strong motivator when living amongst the world's most "sick ideology". We all know, that if he said anything else - he would be lynched.
3. Middle East Christians were the first Antisemites
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.22.18)

Put ISIS in the midst of those Christians
4. Cult Antipathy
Mark ben Josef   (01.23.18)
The kind of Christianity of Pence practices is antithetical to Christianity (and the people who practice it) in the Holy Land.
5. living under terrorism
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (01.23.18)
Munib YounanLives in terror, he cannot say wshat he really thinks, so he repeats Palestinian propaganda.
Whatever his words have no value.
6. ALL Arabs are equal, no matter if they are Muzzies
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.22.18)
or Xtians.
7. Since Pence wants Armageddon 2 he better restart US Draft..
Loknah ,   Israel   (01.22.18)
because there is NO WAY that we are going to be your foot soldiers...Jews don't fight for goyim with ridiculous ideas!
8. Christian Zionists, may the Most Holy One bless you
C   (01.22.18)
christian europe is the graveyard of jews.
yet they have not been able to destroy the jewish nation.
our friends in america have stood by us.
even in the worst of times, jews were safe in the land of the free.
9. Not on our "side"
robert saunders ,   pueblo   (01.23.18)
After generations of believing they, the Christians of the Palestinain territories were the True Christians, they are shocked and more than put off by a Jew-supporting bible-quoting so called Christian form the USA.

Life it tough for both Palestenian Christinas and Muslims. Both are completely sure they are defenders of the true faith. they have yet to learn than no such thing exists in the modern world.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (01.23.18)
11. Mr.
Michael Baker ,   Rochester,MN   (01.23.18)
The Palestinians have no Legal Right to any land in the region! All of that land has been given by Jehovah to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their heirs. Not Ishmael the illegitimate son born of the slave women Hagar! God's Word never changes and will last forever. We honor Jehovah by honoring His Word! All Christians know these truth's in their hearts! President Donald Trump knows this because he is getting advice from the top Evangelicals in the US. Jehovah elected Donald Trump through his Holy Spirit speaking to all those True Christians who voted for him! Selah!
12. and the .....
steve s   (01.23.18)
And the religious critics say "your belief in God is wrong" and "my belief in God is right". And as it is faith, not fact, the matter can never be proven or resolved, therefore perpetual conflict. Those hoping for or expecting peaceful coexistence are dreamers.
13. What Armageddon?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (01.23.18)
Arlington has many Jewish graves, American Jews fought for American liberties and are worth fighting for
How many Muslim graves in Arlington?
14. # 3 Steve Benassi
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (01.23.18)
No, Middle East Christians were not the first anti semites,
Pagan Rome was the first anti semite force who tried to steal Israel from the Jews and rename it Palestine.
Then, Rome fell like a house of cards.
15. Jews and Christians are allies.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (01.23.18)
Pence is an Israel loving Christian and to me he's 100% right on the mark.
We don't have to agree with his religion nor do the Christians have to agree with Jews but, that being said, together we are a force for good.
16. Proof that "Arab is an Arab" regardless of faith,how typical
17. Christian anti-Semitism and anti-Judamism
Supersessionism and replacement theology is anti-Semitism.
18. Google up “Anti Semitism among Arab Christians
ArabChristianRacists ,   Jerusalem   (01.23.18)
Sadly Arab Christians always talk about
They preach love but not when it comes
To Israel and Jews they are brought up on
hate of the Jrws especially the
Arab Orthodox Christians and as far as the
Lutherans they are a cult built around the
Anti Semite Martim Luther and it is amazing
How Western Christians who work
With them turn deaf dumb and blind when
They hear these racist anti Semitic remarks
Made by Palestinian Christians
Over and over again such cowards
And hypocrites
19. Catholicism and Islam: FINGERS ON SAME HAND
shosh ,   dallas   (01.23.18)
Catholic and Islam fingers on the same hand. Most "christians" in Israel are NOT christian, they are catholic
20. There is no such thing as palestinian christian, each one ca
shosh7154 ,   dallas   (01.23.18)
There is no such thing as palestinian christian, each one cancels the other.
21. Vice President Pence is honoring the ONLY LIVING G-D
shosh   (01.23.18)
And you sir do not need to be concerned about your future. Isaiah 49:26
22. Catholicism is NOT from the G-d of Israel
shosh   (01.23.18)
Catholicism is not from the G-d of Israel
23. Muslims buried at Arlington National Cemetery
WWI History buff ,   Israel   (01.23.18)
To TBer #15 Build Baby Build!! Just from World War One there are 5,000 Muslim soldiers buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
It is important to remember that Arlington is NOT the only Military Cemetery in the USA so the 5,000 is a representative number.
This comes to say that since World War One in all USA wars there have been members of the Muslim faith who have served in the USA Armed Forces.
Since I am sure that you have no interest in being labeled intolerant, ignorant, or disrespectful to the religion of others may I suggest that you seek out information before making baseless statements.
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