Border Policemen stop 2 would-be terrorists
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 23.01.18, 13:57
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1. For Pete's sake, find soldiers that know how to shoot!
2. Dangerous kids become psychopath adults.
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.23.18)
3. What for ?..
yosef ,   florida-israel   (01.23.18)
Any normal, powerful contemporary security services would shoot to kill the two-legged rats --- only in Israel, the hypocritical, dated "Purity of Arms" doctrine still "rules the waves"...
4. IDF must learn how to shoot to kill.
Martin ,   huntingdon UK   (01.23.18)
5. what knives?
steve s   (01.24.18)
The picture shown has an image of one knife, what appears to be a whet stone, and a black object which is not knife like. Why does the caption and article call it "knives"?
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