Lahav 433 head resigns amid sexual misconduct allegations
Eli Senyor, Telem Yahav
Published: 23.01.18, 22:26
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1. The Israelis imported PC American crap...
I Call B.S. ,   LA, USA   (01.24.18)
So we lose a great commander. Political Correctness kills but who cares, some liberal feels triumphant.
2. In this crazy world, nowadays telling a woman that she is
Tehraniporou   (01.24.18)
beautiful on the workplace could qualify as sexual misconduct. The feminists have gone mad
3. The supreme court justices sexually harassed me
Mordechai   (01.24.18)
I just made an allegation so they all must resign their job on the Supreme Court. I am under no obligation to provide any evidence. The allegation is enought
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