Minister Katz: Hamas, Arab MKs have the same goals
Alexandra Lukash, Nir Cohen
Published: 23.01.18, 23:01
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1. Take out all Arab terrorist leaders - Israel & Palestine
Either arrest them or kill them if they are terrorists or supporting terrorism/terrorists as a number of Arab MKs have done.

Once this is done Israel can speak to the Arab people face to face without their tyrannical leadership who work against their interests and support the evil of the world.
2. Wow, did he find out about this all by himself?! My kids
knew it for a very long time.....
3. Boker tov, When will you get your head out of the sand
Jake ,   Petach Tikva   (01.24.18)
The establishment likes to put their heads in the sand and believes that you can buy the national pride of the Arab population by pouring money and education on them.
Remember what Bennet said in Nov, 2014, "But you have to know 99.9% of Arab citizens are loyal to the State of Israel. It is only a very small minority acting out against."
The vast majority of Arabs want to rule themselves. They want all of Israel under their control and if the Jews want to stay here they can live as second class citizens under them. This has the way it has been for over a thousand years in their Arab lands. Bitan, before he resigned, stated that 95% of Israeli Arabs vote for the Joint List however, "the Joint List doesn't represent Israeli-Arab interests, it represents Palestinian interests." This is because the Arab interest is the Palestinian interest. The establshment tries to pretend that this is not true.
4. Old guard artist which live in past locked in glass tower
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (01.24.18)
All these artists payed by state funding in any other competitive culture market , they will be out of business with "fingean culture style", and in Israel in such dangerous environment not to be sensible to sustainable permanent danger, in such a degenerated comparative is outrage and this less of sensitivity is somehow rooted in apathy of Israeli public to outrage and unfounded comments of what has to be an artist with empty persona.
How to heck has the nerve to present in such way in front to Israel public???
No any respect for people the endangering their life for such an idiot to be able to FREE SPEECH?? Ridiculous and obscene behavior should not be rewarded! Let them pay the bills by themselves!
5. my personal opinion free speech
marcel   (01.24.18)
right to free speech is crucial in democracies. but there is a limit if public safety is endangered, like yelling fire in a crowded theatre, or inciting nazi rallies to go burn jews.

There is also a duty of the citizenry of a country to demonstrate certain loyalties nowithstanding right to dissent.

Just reading haaretz, they seem to cross the line, inciting against the idf and any assertion of israeli national interests. It is like the various reporters want the destruction of israel. they are possessed of self hatred.

hitler would be smiling at haaretz.

some type of loyalty oath is needed. provisions need to be found to remove citizenship to any and all arabs who violate basic citizenship oaths.
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