New book: Israeli assassination attempt on Arafat called off at last minute
Published: 24.01.18, 13:57
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1. Funny Anecdote
Noodles   (01.24.18)
I once had a Palestinian Arab telling me that Arafat was an Israeli agent and wasn't really "one of us".
2. Without Arafat, Palestinianism would have been derailed. Too
NadavKatz   (01.24.18)
bad it was not, yet....!!
3. REALLY, it was THAT hard to find the creep??!!
4. They didn't have to, AIDS did it for them!
froike ,   US Caliphate   (01.24.18)
The notorious Pedophile/Homosexual had sex with so many of his henchmen that he contracted AIDS....The L-rd has ways of dealing with his enemies and enemies of his people.
5. If Israel had really intended to kill Arafat
Jake   (01.24.18)
he wouldn't have made it past 1982.
The rest is speculation.
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