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Aid groups slam US for withholding Palestinian refugee funds
Published: 25.01.18, 08:34
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1. Perhaps its time...
Joe ,   Megiddo   (01.25.18)
Perhaps its time to take off welfare the 3rd and 4th generation descendants of Arab refugees (600,000 original refugees) from the War of Independence. The Jews who were thrown out of their homes and made refugees from the Arab territories (850,000 of them) never had UNRWA aid, never were considered refugees and their descendents are now running high tech companies, doctors, lawyers, cops, construction workers tour guides, etc, etc. End the welfare state for the palestinians and let them join the ranks of the working class.
2. where the rubber meets the road...
david ,   hadera   (01.25.18)
is where we are going to find all these countries who have been shouting out their belief in the "Palestinian" cause......don't hold your breath
3. How DARE you not pay for Abbas' jet!!
Yishai ,   Jerusalem theCapital   (01.25.18)
The US has absolutely NO regard for the horrible suffering and sacrifice of the Arab leadership, that they need to CHARTER their own private air flights (!), and not actually OWN their own aircraft! Abbas has an inalienable right to private air travel to try to ease the suffering of his poor, poor, poor followers.
If Trump has his own plane, then the least he can do is assist Abbas in getting his own.
4. Trump will not be deterred by this scam perpetrated by Arabs
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.25.18)
5. why are there millions of "refugees?!"
the arab league with its 1950 resolution has kept these people in the
status of refugees.
6. Dire Consequences - GOAL
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (01.25.18)
The whole point it to bring about the dire consequences and force the expenses on the countries where UNRWA has camps. Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan all have camps under their control. All should be absorbing the refugees as citizens. That is the point. Even Netanyahu said so.
7. waiting for help.
tiki ,   belgium   (01.25.18)
Someone should ask these Aid groups, why after 70 years these pathetic Palestinian Arabs are still depending on outside help, while the Jews in the same 70 years have build a successful nation, despite all the efforts to destroy them!

1) Their own leader abusing them for their own political games..
2) 'Humanistic' help groups using them for their own relevance.

It's time for Palestinian Arabs to cut the umbilical cord with all those 'helpers' and start helping themselves.
Robert ,   Israel   (01.25.18)
They now that the US is withholding part of the money they send to the Palestinians, they discovered that they "care for their children". When money flowed into their archs, the only thing they wanted was to send those same children to confront IDF, to throw stones and Molotov bombs and to stab civilians. WHAT AN INCONGRUITY.
9. The aid that goes to terrorist groups
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (01.25.18)
About time these aid groups slammed the PA and Hamas for channeling millions into financing weapons and tunnels.The recent World Vision worker who channeled millions from its christian backed NGO into the armed wing of Hama's.For UNWRA's turning a blind eye to weapon facilities built under their schools and clinics.For sacks of UN labeled food stuffs being sold in broad daylight in markets in the west bank and for the waste of money and resources made by some of these under managed NGOs and the end of the day the aid goes to overstaffed government workers- bribes and under the table payments and less to the people that should be receiving it.

10. pattern ......
steve s   (01.25.18)
600,000 with their hands out ...... became 5 million with their hands out ........ and will soon be 10 million with their hands out. Do you see the pattern? They are not regulating their own population because they don't need to. Well there is a problem with populations exceeding their ability to support themselves. It is their responsibility to govern themselves, not outside aid which has to increase with the out of control population growth. Trump is putting an end to a lose-lose situation.
11. Their names please
Ed ,   USA   (01.25.18)
Most of the so-called aid agencies are corrupt and antisemitic. I stopped contributing years ago. Please list the agencies now condemning the US so thatI can make sure not to contribute to them.
12. Israel should cut off evil fictional "Palestine" too
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.25.18)
The decision to stop funding mooching, terrorist "Palestinian" poseurs is 100% right for America. There is no reason hard working American tax payers should be forced to throw their money down the rat hole of evil fictional "Palestine". Israel would be even MORE right to cut of all mad support of "Palestine" completely. "Palestinians" are our mortal foes. We are the first choice targets of their sadistic terrorists, murderers, bombers, boycotters and other evil doers.

Isn't it time Israel stopped being the only state, in human history, to voluntarily supports its foes?
Robert ,   Israel   (01.26.18)
All these "humanitarian aid groups" use the neighbors' money and not their own. They should first teach their "protected ones" to be thankful to those who give the money and food . Those countries who give the money, have the right to select to whom they give it or not. Palestinians can not demand money and food with the left hand while they kick their donor with the right foot. Things don't work that way.
14. No more biting the hand that feeds you.
BBB   (01.26.18)
15. Aid for the 'palestinians'
BBB   (01.26.18)
Must come from Arabs.
There are more rich Arabs who never contribute to their favorite terrorists, the pals.

Times are a changing.
Make America rich again!!
16. Roger Waters, what are you waiting 4?! Arrange a
Useful Idiots For Paleshteeene Aid-concert!
17. Aid groups can pay the freight
BBB   (01.28.18)
let the anti semitic Muslim nations pay for these violent beggars.
18. The UN
Roger ,   Vancouver   (01.29.18)
has made it clear in the past. The US may be a strong rich nation, but it is only one of hundreds of nations on this planet. They cannot buy the votes of the rest of the whole world that denies Israel's illegal occupation. If the US and their masters from AIPAC don,t like it LEAVE
19. aid is given .....
steve s   (01.29.18)
Aid is given to those in need so they can get back on their feet and fend for themselves. Aid is not a perpetual obligation, nor an economic basis for any society. Palestinians show no inclination to fend for themselves.
20. Less pal babies super.
BBB   (01.30.18)
Why finance another pack of ungrateful mad dogs?
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