Heavy downpours flood roads, snow falls in north
Ahiya Raved and Raanan Ben Zur
Published: 25.01.18, 10:04
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1. Never enough,,
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (01.25.18)
to flush this toilet.
2. A ski facility that closes when it snows??
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.25.18)
And what were the transportation engineers thinking when they designed the flooded roads with such poor drainage? Didn't they think it was ever going rain hard?

2000 years ago, Masada was built with huge cisterns to catch rainwater runoff. Time to rethink this idea. That's a lot of water to let drain to the ocean.
3. Rain in Israel
Franklin Paredes ,   Quito   (01.25.18)
Rain is good for Israel, hope it would be more rain and snow.
Engineers better start designing better drainage systems.
4. Gazans could have done well.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (01.25.18)
If it had not been for their tyranical Hamas rulers, Gazans could be earning a good living in Israel using their skill in tunnel building consructing storm drains.

Oh well,they're the losers.

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