MK conducted investigation into Tamimi family's origins
Associated Press
Published: 25.01.18, 13:08
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1. Oren is just wicked and hateful,
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (01.25.18)
he was that way here in the states. I am not an Obama fan but Oren perpetrated some of the most vile racism towards Obama than KKK crackers. Racism, skin color, what are Jewish/Arab features is actually new and started after the destruction of the 2nd Temple. The Edomite white, light skin color effect. Translated biblical writings accentuated peoples colors and features. Esau was born albino, his color was different that Jacob,Isaac and Rebekka, Sarah's complexion was fair, different than Abraham and Terah. David was ruddy, some Hebrews had skin white as alabaster, some Hebrews as "dark as the tents of Kedar". Some Hebrews had leprosy and their skin was white as snow. i cold go on and on, racism is a human construct basically used an perpetuated by Talmudic Jews. Michael Oren this racist euro-Hitlerite cracker,, you can take the racist out of the country but you can't take the racism out of the racist.This traveled over 2,000 for this bullsh-t.
2. Oren is right
Tova   (01.25.18)
Do a family tree on this family and I am sure this family are not palenstians.
As for the blonde hair and freckles, The empires that conquered the middles east centuries ago left their DNA through the generations.

It's not different than Jews with blonde hair and blue eyes. This occurred during the diaspora centuries ago. when slaves were forced to intermarriage including rape. By definition the middle east is a mix of Jews from Europe through to Asia.

The Roman Empire conquest of German also blonde were brought back to Rome. Many were given roman citizenship and intermarried. Through the generations Italy began having children with blonde hair and blue eyes.

More over being a blonde palenstian is to their advantage as westerners will give her more sympathy and they also would identify her as white person rather than palenstian.
3. Oren could be right.
Bb   (01.25.18)
All the protests have the same patern at nabi saleh and others " cities".
A) a reunion point, at this case at tamimi s house. AFTER FRIDAY s prayers.

B) a march with illustrated persons at the front, like ahed to photograph taking

C) A violent clah with settlers or military rockthrowers inciters, including childs and grown men
D) waiting the response of the security forces, chase and outnumber lone soldiers with children, women and cameras to palywood propaganda.
E) veey strange, her mother dresses very religiously and ahed very secular without any other dispute on the way of life.
F) battle cries, pushing kids are damanding from older girls and adults.
G) extensive "news" cover from nabi selah, " spontaneous " with a journalist that says she had only 11 yrs old, Ms jihad! FROM WHERE THE MONEY CAME?
I) Very good point, others minors are abused.
4. Most “Palestinians “ have European DNA
When the Moslems conquered “Palestine”
From Arabia the population was overwhelmingly
Greek and Italian Byzantine Christian
Heavy taxation and harsh Moslem laws
Resulted in thousands “converting “ to
Islam resulting in the majority of
“Palestinians “ today having a fairer
Complexion than the conquering
Arab Bedouin’s of the 7th century The
Arabs always favored lighter skinned women
As wives hundreds of thousands were
Kidnapped from all over Europe by
Arabs and Tiurks and
Brought to the Middle East Google
Wikipedia “Arab European Slave Trade”
Until 17 th century most European
Mediterranean coastal towns were deserted
Because of such fears Check her “Arab
Palestinian DNA” I’ll bet she’s European
5. So what if pals are blonde; Or if pals can read . So what ?
observerms ,   Tivon, Israel   (01.25.18)
So what if pals are blonde; Or if pals can read . So what ?
Can there be blonde, readers who are sneaky, AND anti-semitic ?
Who carry knives to stab an Israeli...or shoot into an Israeli baby carriage ?

6. 1 Rob it might interest you to know
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (01.25.18)
that the KKK was begun by democrats.

Tamimi's hair color wouldn't be blonde after 2,000 plus years, she's a ringer and a non Arab period.
As for leprosy you're really reaching.
Oren's more than right.
7. Ahed might derive from a blond crusader
Berk ,   Amsterdam   (01.25.18)
one can also find people in Turkey, Central-Asia and Northern-Pakistan with blue eyes, deriving from Alexander the Great.
8. Tamimis are probably related to Crusader rapists
A ,   OutThere   (01.25.18)
which would make them "fake" moslems.
9. There's a word for Tamimi family children upbringing.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (01.25.18)
In Britain we'd call it 'grooming'.

10. Poor MK Oren he's suffering from bereaved family syndrome...
shmueli ,   Israel   (01.25.18)
yep, we will need to excuse his comments because his sister-in-law was murdered by Muslim Terrorists up at the Hebrew University Frank Sinatra bombing.
11. Tamimi family
C   (01.25.18)
the tamimi family are from the villag of nabi saleh. nabi saleh has a few
hundred residents. the tamimi family is the best known in the village.

the tamimi family has been engaging in terror activities for many years.

family member ahlam tamimi participated in the sbarro restaurant suicide bombing which killed fifteen people, half of them children, and cause casualties of over a hundred.
at the time of the murders, ahlam tamimi was twenty years old and
a journalism student.
she dressed as a westerner and spoke fluent english. she bragged
that she exploited her western look in her terror activities.
she is an islamist, member of the muslim brotherhood.
she presently lives in jordan.
she had been condemned and sentenced to sixteen life
sentences but was released in the shalit affair.
she is on the fbi's most wanted list.
12. Nabi Saleh was occupied by the Ottoman Turks for centuries
C   (01.25.18)
it is well known that the turks imported european muslims to settle in
the land of israel.
the so called palestinians are not an ethnicity. they are made up
of different ethnicities, including roman and greek, as well as
egyptian, syrian.
what unites them is their religion, islam.
13. Just in time for International Holocaust Memorial Day....
Quality Control! ,   Israel   (01.26.18)
new-fangled "Scientific Ethnic Identification" ... "do not do unto others what is unpleasant to you...the rest is commentary!"
Mordechai ,   san francisco   (01.26.18)
The word on the street in the West Bank is that the Tamimi clan descend from Jews and so they behave like rabid anti-Semites to be accepted by the local Arab-Palestinian population. And there are many such clans with Jewish ancestry who spew all sorts of anti-Jewish invective.
15. now y does this sound ever so vaguely World War 2?
16. Has anybody Oren's ancestry yet?
TM ,   Toronto   (01.26.18)
He doesn't look very Jewish - too blond. He talks like an SS officer, are you sure he hasn't been sired by one, too?
17. They were here before 1948
Raphael ,   Netanya   (01.26.18)
Of course, the bosnian Waffen SS, the Mufti followers, fleed with their leader 1946, otherwise the would be hung by the Yugoslavs.
18. Sick
befare ,   Sweden   (01.27.18)
Do all Jews have crooked noses?
19. It isn't just the hair color
it's her violent European anti semitic nature.
20. What are Israelis really like?
CJ   (02.01.18)
I'm sorry, but many of the folks commenting here sound really racist. :-) Is that what it's like there in Israel, so backward and inhumane? Sheesh, I don't think I'd want to visit such a place.
21. she looks much like her father
epo   (02.03.18)
22. # 18
oleg ,   sunny florida   (02.05.18)
do all swedes shop at Ikea and eat your fake meatballs be quiet man. Your country was an ally of Nazi Germany and today you people spit on your jewish citizens well done.
23. Journalist
Greer Fay Cashman ,   Jerusalem   (02.05.18)
Presumably, Israeli authorities cannot take a DNA sample from Ahed Tamimi without her permission, but there is no racism in the point made by Michael Oren about her coloring. Neither her eyes nor her hair conform with the general appearance of the various ethnic groups in the region. The closest she comes to looking like anyone are Israelis of Polish or German background - even the expression on her face is that which is common to Jewish females of Polish background.
Several anti-Semites in Eastern Europe, learned by chance that not only did they have Jewish forebears, but they were actually halachically Jewish, and some even became religiously observant.
It's quite possible that Ahed also has more than two drops of Jewish blood.
The other possible explanation for her coloring is that she's a throwback to the crusades.
A DNA test might solve the mystery - but my guess is she wouldn't want to know.
24. Tamimi
Catman ,   Vienna   (02.07.18)
So many comments and not a mention of the Bosnian migrants who came to the area in the late 19th century after Austro-Hungary took control of Bosnia (see link to Wikipedia below). I live in Vienna where many Bosnians live and I can tell you she looks, well, Bosnian.
25. Irony
Ed ,   USA   (02.07.18)
If Israeli soldiers were as terrible as the Tamimi family claims them to be, the family would never have sent their children to provoke the soldiers. The Tamimi show really proves how benign Israeli rule is and the irrational intransigence of the Palestinian people. The incident is an exercise in irony.
26. Conducting Racism
observer   (02.10.18)
27. Oren's remarks
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (02.12.18)

Derisively calling the skirmishes caught on tape "Pallywood," Oren claimed that "someone" was funding the unrest to harm Israel's image, without providing evidence.

"Tamimi family members provoking soldiers in 2012 (Photo: AFP)
Tamimi family members provoking soldiers in 2012 (Photo: AFP)

"The Tamimi family and those claiming to be part of the Tamimi family have been provoking Israeli soldiers for many, many years now," he said. "The children were chosen on the basis of their appearance, to look Western, freckled, and blond-haired."

This is beyond Chutzpah. It is like saying Jewish children at Auschwitz were provoking Gestapo and SS!?
28. she dyes her hair FWIW
grazia mendes ,   tiberias   (02.20.18)
and even if she doesn't
29. 90% of israelis are indeed racist, jewish-supremacists.
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (03.01.18)
Oren is an idiot. He probably never served in IDF. Because if HE would have served in IDF, he would have known that MANY MANY people in Gaza, in occupied Westbank have blond hair. Why ? And he doesn't know that ????
Because for centuries many arabs intermarried with visiting europeans, especially during British control. This simple fact should be known to oren, a fake "diplomat".
30. tamimi
cynthia ,   sydney   (03.14.18)
Too much rubbish look at her bone structure - it is slavic
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