Diplomats, social workers petition against mass deportation
Ynet reporters
Published: 29.01.18, 10:43
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1. Yeah, taking bread out of social workers mouths. As to
diplomats......give me a break!
2. All of them must be deported
Phoenix   (01.29.18)
All Africans first must go and then all the illegals from Asia, Colombia and former Soviet Union that are tens of thousands also!
3. Refugees
Zvi ,   Toronto   (01.29.18)
And then winning about the hypocrisy of the world toward Jews during the second war
4. Stalemate and the mighty dollar
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (01.29.18)
Who is making money off of this stalemate. April will be here before you know it. That Jew and that dollar. Put their asses out already.
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