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Envelopes reveal Polish support for Nazis during World War Two
Itamar Eichner
Published: 29.01.18, 11:10
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1. Do the envelopes really prove collaboration?
Eli Mayevsky ,   Raanana, Israel   (01.29.18)
Poland was occupied by Nazi Germany. The post somehow had to function. The postmen returned the letters since the addressees did not exist. It is possible that the Polish postmen did know what happened to the Jews. Does this prove they collaborated? There are reports on the Polish "Navy Blue Police" who helped in Jew roundups. That definitely was collaboration, although historians believe the Polish police were the least cooperative of all German-occupied lands. Some 20% took part in the ressistance, on the other hand. The above mentioned letters are a proof or cold bureaucracy but not collaboration to me.
2. Absurd accusions of collaboration
Witold Medykowski ,   Jerusalem   (01.29.18)
What the author of this text would expect from the postman who had to deliver the letters? What kind of collaboration ist that? Liquidation of the ghettos was made on the eyes of the local population. Reading a few books article on the Holocaust can show the author of the mechanosm of actions made with utmost brutality by the German police and special auxilliary units.
3. Troll alert
PaulD ,   Jerusalem   (01.29.18)
The barrage of Troll comments since Poland decided to claim innocence is very revealing. The depth of depravity and hatred that consumed Europe outside of Germany was most prevalent in Poland. Like savage beasts they turned against the Jews, to celebrate the genocide and loot Jewish possessions. The behavior of the Ukrainians were also especially demonic. But, truth be told, all Europe cheered Hitler's efforts some vocally, some quietly. It is clear the only time Europe can claim unity is when they are busy murdering Jews. The leftover murders morphed into the EU, and NGOs, trying to revive the Final Solution using Arab hatred, that they themselves envy, because Arabs don't have the burden of Holocaust crimes on their shoulders.
4. PaulD now, the Palestinian allies of Hitler
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (01.29.18)
have invaded Europe as a way of G-ds wrath and payback for the 'solution.'
In the second commandment is a forecast
"thou shalt bow thyself down to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the inequities of the fathers upon the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
And showing mercy that love me, and keep my commandments."
As I count generations, the Lord is right on schedule.
5. Shame
Galizien   (01.29.18)
Do you have any shame ?
1.letter… “ZURICH KRAKAU ? “ in german means return to Krakow ?
2.Nothing ,Krakow General Gubernia ,not Poland,Poland didn’t exist..address Zborow,-Region -Tarnopole -Galizien -not Poland (my Jewish grandmother lived near Zborow)
3. Zurick Krakau in german…
Show me only one letter ?
Collaborators was the worst liars,to save own ass, they did everything,during and after the war..
The was many like Stella Goldslagg…
Żagiew ("The Torch"), also known as Żydowska Gwardia Wolności (the "Jewish Freedom Guard"), was a Nazi-collaborationist Jewish agent provocateur group in Nazi German-occupied Poland, founded and sponsored by the Germans and led by Abraham Gancwajch.[1] Many Żagiew members were related to the collaborationist Jewish organization Group 13, which was also led by Gancwajch. The Nazis had over a thousand Jewish secret agents in Poland[2] and some were permitted by their Gestapo handlers to possess and bear firearms.
6. Evidence?
Swampfox ,   New York City   (01.30.18)
Is there any evidence of some members of the Jewish community in Poland cheering the Soviet invasion and occupation of Eastern Poland. I understand Polish Underground documents indicate such things happened and didn't help the joint struggle against the Nazis. Still, no one is attributing such behaviour to most Jews in Poland at the time.
7. Envelopes with German handnotes
Rafal ,   Warsaw   (01.30.18)
These envelopes have nothing to do with collaboration - the handwritten text says "zuruck Krakow", this is in German and means "return to Krakow" which is a standard note on a letter when the address is not known.
8. nonsense
Marcin   (01.30.18)
such a bullshit !!!
9. Truth for all to see.
Leonard ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.31.18)
'The Jews have been expelled', thanks in large part ot Polish efforts.
10. Read Martin Gilbert's 'The Boys.'
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.31.18)
The Poles were on the Nazi's sh-t list, but the Jews were the Nazi's list AND the Pole's list. If the Nazi's made the Pole's lives miserable, the Pole's made their Jewish neighbors' lives even more miserable.

It's really not a wonder why so many returning survivors of the camps were murdered by their Polish neighbors after the war.
11. This is a ridiculous article!!!
Christopher   (02.01.18)
Is this possible that author of this articles is such incredibly stupid? Would it really be necessary to move him in time so he can understand the reality of those times? How can You draw so silly conclusions from such informations? Unbelievable!!!
12. And read what the article says about Weichert himself.
Jake   (02.01.18)
"Alongside Weichert, the organization's administration also included Marek Bieberstein, head of the Krakow Ghetto's Judenrat. The organization's relatively close ties to the Nazi authorities were considered by many to be deplorable, and at the end of the war caused Weichert to be accused of collaborationism himself. "

Well that's interesting. Using this piece of information and the author's "cutting" logic, one can end up concluding that the Jews themselves were a collaborationist nation.

What a shame that the fakenews purveyors are so anxious to blur the difference between the actions of INDIVIDUALS and the COLLECTIVE.
13. Do Postmen in the ghettos are also co-responsible
Norbert ,   Warsaw   (02.05.18)
Do Postmen in the ghettos are also co-responsible for the Holocaust ?

Dear Sir or Madam,
Look at the postage stamps are the symbols of the German Third Reich and not the Polish State Institution.
In Poland, no one denies the collaborators and traitors, of course they were. traitors and collaborators were also in the middle of the Jews, but no one with a good sense in Poland claims that through them the entire nation of Israel helped in the Holocaust as you would like to say to the Poles.
14. Envelopes & Returned Jewish Mail
Ryszard Popielarz ,   Philadelphia   (02.12.18)
None of the envelopes presented show any anti-Jewish texts. Postal.workers were not collaborating based on this shoddy evidence. But there is a Polish saying: "Who wants to beat a dog will find a stick...."
15. Where is the evidence?
Marius Vinny ,   Roseville   (02.20.18)
Two words in german "returned mail" Jewish manipulation!
16. Where are the prooves?
Me   (02.20.18)
I don't see here any bad comments that are cited by an author. Where are they? Generally postman must write why the letter is returned. It doesn't me he or any other Pole killed them. Pathetic article..
17. Who helped the Nazi Germans?
Arkadiusz ,   Gdańsk, Poland   (02.20.18)
IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation by Edwin Black - very interesting book.
18. never realized Jewish Newspapers are legally insane
mirka ,   San Francisco   (02.21.18)
Until read YNetNews. Whatever was written by postmen was accurate: adresee didn't exist. How it is proof of "Polish support for Nazis during WWII" only a crazy person can understand.
19. NOT true
Arek ,   Suwalki   (02.21.18)
"None of the envelopes presented show any anti-Jewish texts. Postal.workers were not collaborating based on this shoddy evidence. But there is a Polish saying: "Who wants to beat a dog will find a stick...."
20. Change job
Adam Peter   (02.21.18)
Itamar Eichner You call yourself a journalist? You even don't understand what You have shown at letters. That's so dumb that almost hard to believe that article was published.
21. Please stop lie
Arek ,   Suwalki   (02.21.18)
These envelopes do not indicate any cooperation with Germans only the normal activities of the postman, which describes the facts. There are no anti-Jewish inscriptions
22. no prove polish support.
zuruck Krakau=german   (02.22.18)
you can"t even see, that stamp of sender is prove that germans allowed this jewish org. so they were cooperators. there were Poles working with mail like Jews as well in ghettos
23. the envelopes
Arek ,   Chicago   (02.28.18)
I'm reading the inscriptions on those envelopes and I do not see anything the above article claims to be on them. I am Polish, by the way and I do not have problem with reading and understanding Polish language. I do not say the described cases never happened, but the whole article is losing it's credibility with corpus delicti like that.
24. Who Helped Russians When They Invaded Eastern Poland?
World Citizen ,   the world   (03.18.18)
Answer - It was Polish Jewish Bolsheviks who helped identify Polish Army officers, intelligentsia, clergy, political leaders and others in official positions. The Russians promptly shot them or herded them off to the gulags. When Germany took Eastern Poland from the Russians no doubt some Poles took revenge on traitors who happened to be Jews. Those are the facts. Jews have always wanted to blame someone else for bad things that happen to them instead of facing the fact that sometimes they cause their own problems.
25. These are regular postman’s notes!
Avi ,   NYC   (10.17.18)
The notes simply say that the adressee cannot be found. How do you conclude that they show Polish collaboration?
The dates, before May 1941, are definitely before the “final solution” started. At this stage most of the deportees to concentration camps were Polish and not Jewish. Most of the displaced Jews at this point simply moved east to the USSR.
One thing has to be clear, Jewish collaboration with the Nazis in Poland was much mire widespread than Polish collaboration.
26. Letters sent to Judenrats
Daniels   (10.21.18)
Letters sent to Judenrats which actually collaborated with German nazi. Lern history!
27. Pole boast having all been freedom fighters
Raphaël ,   Netanya   (10.30.18)
In fact, a full regiment of polish mountain troops of the 8th Wehrmacht division based in Gap (France), Reserve-Grenadier-Regiment 157, fought against the Maquis des Glières, one of the fiercest action against the french resistance in march 1944
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