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Jewish millionaire: It’s going to be very difficult to defend Israel
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 03.02.18, 23:44
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1. Typical Talk
DSM ,   USA   (02.04.18)
Typical talk from a rich liberal American Jew who somehow believes Israel, located in the most dangerous part of the world, should behave like America, a safe world away. Look how Europe is changing after taking in people from the middle east. And then he throws around the word "racism," very typical of liberals. What he doesn't realize is the word has been used incorrectly so much by those like him that it has little meaning anymore. If Israel were defeated in a war tomorrow, Jews like him in America would say Israel deserved it because of their social policies. Ignore him and others like him.
2. Nobody talks about the Australian refugee camps set on
joe ,   Sydney   (02.04.18)
remote islands and prison like camps where people stay for years in isolation suffering abuse and neglect out of reach out of sight of main stream population. see MANUS Islands. In Israel the refugee live and work in Tel aviv among mainstream population....nothing to compare..
3. executive
jean katz ,   herzlia   (02.04.18)
i understand Mr Low's concern as my parents are holocaust survivors themselves and i made aliya from Belgium 10 years ago. Israel must find the right balance between jewish values accepting foreigners into our midst and not separate families like the nazis did ,and a pragmatic solution dissuading new migrants to come to israel in order to avoid future tension similar to what can be seen in Europe . Thank you Mr Low for helping the jewish cause so much,please do not give up.Im ein ani li ,as mi li....if i do not help myself who will ?
4. Disaster for Israel; Must Relocate
D Bar ,   Tivon   (02.04.18)
These people, who are mostly Moslem, are clearly economic refugees. They crossed several countries to arrive here, including the entire length of Egypt. Or they flew here on tourist visas and stayed. This was planned and intentional.
They illegally infiltrated this country.
They must exit Israel.
The vast majority of Israelis are able to see the dangers of them not being relocated elsewhere, and do not want them to remain. More appropriate
countries must be arranged.

I, myself, was a volunteer and relief worker in two African countries. Every African who could run, jump, skip or swim wanted to leave to a country
with a higher standard of living.
Israel can not be that country for these people.

5. But OK to expel 800,000 people from their homes in Nakba
Steve Benassi   (02.04.18)
... to create a fake Jewish majority.
6. Could someone tell him to stuff it?
David ,   New york   (02.04.18)
7. And to think he is so low he doesn't care about how Jews...
Joseph ,   USA   (02.04.18)
In South Tel Aviv feel. But surely how dare you to hurt the feelings of enrolled and petulant Jews in USA by deporting illegal immigrants from Israel that come to take advantage of Israel economic system by stealing jobs and taping women.
8. Low should give his money to Africans to leave Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.04.18)
No good deed ever goes unpunished. Israel is a very small country ,it can barely look after jewish immigrants and its own native population ,there is a lot of poverty and hardship in Israel .There are many immigrants from A frica who have been absorbed ,it is a lie to state that they have all been deported. The best solution is for them to convert to judaism: problem solved.
Joey Low states: ' The israeli Government doesn't really care what american jews feel." Why should the Government care what american jews feel/ american jews have largely abandoned judaism and Israel. American jews do not have to feed ,house and take care of thousands of non-jewish african immigrants who have no legal right to be here.
11. Please Joel, don't invest& don't defend us. It's not 4 U!
12. Take them all to your house mr goody shoes!
Phoenix   (02.04.18)
You American rich wanna be Jews that don’t have an idea about what is it being Jewish or Israeli. You cannot tell us what to do.
The Africans are a pest thethey cause only trouble, they are abusive, dirty have created waves of crime never seen we spams the money of our taxes in taking care of them. Enough we don’t want and don’t need Africans here! If you want them take them with you!
13. self-righteous iPOS
Daniel ,   TA-IL   (02.04.18)
does he live in southern tel aviv?? please go suck up to obama... your buddy who gave iran nukes and hezbollah imunity to sell drug to fund its terror against us.
14. Get Real
Shane ,   Beit Shemesh   (02.04.18)
This article is totally one sided.

It is all well and good to have feelings for the problems of others, BUT it is also important to be aware of the facts. 40,000 people who are not Jewish, and have no interest in becoming Jewish. That is a huge burden in a country about the size of New York City. Not the State - just the City. Who pays for education and health services for them - they don't.

Many of these Africans have brought drugs, rape and theft. Maybe not everyone, but too many. Who is talking about the fear the people have to deal with who live in those areas who came here legally generations ago.

This just isn't realistic.
15. Joe -all your millions is not close to what we have spent
Jake ,   Petach Tikva   (02.04.18)
Terrorizing South Tel Aviv is not a Jewish value. The "stranger" that you are referring to in the bible refers to the convert that comes into the Jewish people. The torah commands " they will not dwell in your land" that is one of the 613 commandments.
Any non Jew who does not worship the g-d of Israel and keep his 7 laws of Noah can not be accepted to here. when the Yovel is applicable we can start accepting good non-Jews.
16. keep your money and keep your opinions
C   (02.04.18)
when you compare victims of the holocaust with african migrants, you are
ipso facto denying the holocaust.
people like you are not open to rational argument or discussion.
17. Jewish values had led us to the ovens
C   (02.04.18)
never again.

eritrea is an independent state, albeit a dictatorship.
these eritrean men flee conscription in the army.
how is that in any way similar to the slaughter of
six million defenceless jews, law abiding citizens
of european countries who were betrayed by their
fellow citizens.
holocaust denying takes many forms. the most insidious
holocaust deniers compare the holocaust to situations
where people are deprived of civil rights or are ruled
by dictatorial regimes where they can lose their lives
for opposing the regime.
the most dangerously insidious holocaust deniers are those
jews who compare the holocaust to other situations where people
lose their lives due to actions of regimes or hostile actors.
these jews also compare acts of israel to the acts of the nazis,
sometimes openly, and at other times surreptitiously.
these jews act out of self interest, trying to seem superior
to the jewish state.
they keep telling us, "look at me, look at how good am i,
look at how much i am a light unto the nations, look
at how wonderful am i."
yet all they do is contribute some money, but never risk their
lives or their children's lives, or their livelihoods.
they live in exclusive upper class neighbourhoods, in large
houses and go to liberal synagogues where they congratulate
each other for how much they support israel, and above all,
how tolerant they are and how much they participate
in tikkun olam, without even knowing the meaning of
that term.
they are proud of their support of islam supporting obama,
and they are especially proud of their hatred of trump,
that man who reminds them of where they came from.
18. Oh please, Mr millionaire..
Sifter   (02.04.18)
If your precious daughters had to endure the assaults and harassment harassments and crime that Tel Avivians endure, you'd be singing a different time. Don't you have a Harvey Weinstein or LGBTQ meeting to focus on? Save your crocodile tears for those trendy causes and let Israelis who live there decide their own faster, please.
19. Israel is NOT to be blamed
Tova   (02.04.18)
for problems with the refugees. Israel stands alone in a world that is seeking her destruction. BDS movements, the UN, Unesco and many many more institutions are against Israel.

With Jews returning to Israel and Aliyah continuing, where do they expect Jews to live. Israel is not Europe, Israel is not the United States, or Canada, where do you think Jews will go?

These refugees would be welcomed in Israel if the nations of the world would end their hatred towards Israel. Liberal Jews have no concept of the pressure Israel is experiencing. Liberal Jews argue against settlements, which is not the case as these so called settlements is Israeli territory.

For Jews who want the refugees to stay in Israel. I would ask them where should the Jews go? This problem will not be solved. Why isn't the united nations asking muslin nations to take these refugees, Russia or China. Obviously those countries don;t want to take in any refugees.

I feel for these refugees, but Israel doesn,t have the land space for. And if these refugees are given assylum. Many more thousands in will come. That would create civil war.
20. Jews only homeland-not for economic migrants from ANYWHERE!
Alan   (02.04.18)
Israel is tiny in size .Colour of ANY migrant is not an issue really! It just happens that people from nearby countries are Black or Brown ,by chance of geography.
Today everything is "racist" -NOT TRUE
21. TO MR .LOW ,
MR CYNIC ,   SAFED HONESTY   (02.04.18)
Sir, please try to enter Australia illegally ,without permission and invitation ,and tell us what the result will be. No modern country these days will simply permit uninvited or unwanted illegal immigration. And Israel is no different in this regard. Israel was founded ,and exists, as a jewish state, as a home and refuge for all jews. I, like yourself, have the right ,indeed the duty, to decide who enters my home ,and who is unwelcome to enter. That is known as HUMAN NATURE. And before you lecture us about " jewish values" please see what the Torah states, it states that we must evict those who are not like us from our land. I ,as a jew, do not wish to be a minority in my own land,thank you very much.
MR CYNIC ,   SAFED HONESTY   (02.04.18)
Only the IDF defends Israel, not Joey Low and his chequebook.
23. 'I'm a Jew and live in NY'
tiki ,   belgium   (02.04.18)
No more explanation needed.

You want to defend Israel than defend, but don't criticize as a Jew from NY what Israel needs or doesn't need to do according to your standards from far away NY.

Being a rich Jew from NY doesn't give you the right to decide Israeli politics....that's what elected leaders in Israel do. If you can't live with that, than that's your right & problem.

Israel will not jeopardize it's security, values or policies for lecturing Jews from NY.

CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (02.04.18)
Charity ,Tzedakah ,begins at home.....
25. What is with all these American millionaires
Aliza   (02.04.18)
that Ynet is promoting. There is one common denominator, they all want/need slavery. They need these Africans for low paid workers for their industry while Israeli residents suffer the crime in their neighbourhoods while these rich sit in their comfortable American homes.

To Mr. Low just bugger off and take your check book with you, Israel doesnt need you.

26. Let‘s stay in the real world
Rich ,   Toronto   (02.04.18)
There are too many people living in Israel now. Bringing in more will prove to be a disaster as food, water and fresh air are vanishing. I don‘t foresee any people living there by 2050.
I am more than happy to welcome the stranger, and then send him back to where he belongs.
29. Perhaps Mr. Low could donate all of his money to assist the
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (02.04.18)
Put your money where your mouth is.
I don't recall any stories of Africans coming to the aid of Holocaust Jews, do you?
MR CYNIC ,   SAFED HONESTY   (02.04.18)
If Israel is repeatedly upsetting ,and angering, american Reform and Liberal jews, that is a clear sign that Israel is on the correct path and is doing the right thing.
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