Netanyahu warns Putin: 'We'll act in Lebanon if necessary'
Itamar Eichner
Published: 29.01.18, 21:01
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1. These 2 Euro crackers are,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (01.29.18)
no more than Gog and Magog all up in our faces. But God has got a plan as Ezekiel speaks.
2. Netanyahu ordered Putin to not interfere
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.29.18)
Russia has military presence in Middle East only as long as Israel tolerates it.
3. bibi vs herzog lapid and gabbay
ed   (01.29.18)
bibi allegedly tells putin that he will act in Lebanon regardless if he has to. who knows if this is true since he kisses rear ends so much to ingratiate himself. but he projects from his stature and voice some strength.

can you imagine herzog telling putin this??? Herzog would be sweating at that thought, run to the washroom and then apologize to putin if his words were too strong. it would be a joke.

as for lapid, the olmert journalist that he is, he wouldn't know one missile from the next, so he would never bring it up.

As for gabbay, on one hand he differs from the usual labour mk. on the other hand, he runs to withdrawal and concessions. who the hell asks him to start with concession. no concessions, no nothing until talks start and then we will see. and pals will be asked to make tangible concessions too, not insignificant ones.

pals can be offered parts of Jordan as additional land, while Israel takes the lands of Reuben, DGd and Manasseh. we are starting over with the whole thing.

gabbay has disqualified himself from being a proper negotiator for Israel. anyone who talks concessions, before talks even begin is disqualified.

so bibi is not the strongest but he is better than herzog gabbay and lapid any day of the week.

however, bennett is stronger, more decisive and less cowed than bibi.-bennett for prime minister.

Israelis better get with strong leaders or they will lose their state. herzog gabbay and lapid would lead to israel's collapse. usa guarantees mean nothing, zilch.

Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (01.30.18)
Eveyriem BB goes there, something happens. I'm sure Hezzis are follwoing up like crazy. Love the way Valdi is playing all to his advantage. Sales guns to the mullahs, and even assists them how to use it on the ground, and gets cheap oil & gas form Iran. This guy has got the world by its neck.
5. There's no alternative for Israel than "strong words" spoken
to Putin & Iran and absolutely no other option than acting on them, once the situation demands it.
Otherwise we'll end up with a N.Korea/Iran on our borders.
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