Opinion  Alex Fishman
Is Israel headed towards an initiated war in Lebanon?
Alex Fishman
Published: 31.01.18, 23:39
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1. Fait Accompli
Volvi   (02.01.18)
Take it as a fact of life that Iran will continue no matter what to encircle Israel and try to destroy her. Irans regime care little about world opinion or the USA, it will systematically continue in its goals with nothing to deter them. Nor Israel, USA or even Russia will stand in their objectives

So Israel it is up to you, face the situation now or wait till they get stronger and bolder. It is an existential threat, and if you go to war no half hearted measures, this time you have to totally vanquish our enemies so they never raise the threat again. Civilians will always pay a price that is the outcome of any war.
2. the lev in levanon
shalom shalom   (02.01.18)
more people have died from car crashes and heart disease recently than
war, , hopefully after this age we will wage war against the real enemy, fear of loving ourselves and our neigbour,
3. Dr
Michael Weizmann   (02.01.18)
With respect to the writer, this not Rocket Science, as our canny and competent defence minister well knows.

If one knows that missile factories are in fact being built in Lebanon, the IAF is perfectly capable of destroying them from airspace over the Mediterranean, or over Isreal itself for that matter, as it did most recently in Syria, and should destroy them as soon as practicable.

Being lured by Hezbollah's present tactic of drawing Israel into a third Lebanon war is completely unnecessary and out of the question.
4. The longer Israel waits the worse it will be
5. Iran was nothing 20 years ago
6. If possible every effort must be made to destroy all terror
7. Initiated wars are the best, even Fishman must know that.
8. preemtive war is not the same as "war by choice"
C   (02.01.18)
iran's sole purpose in building missile factories in syria and lebanon is
to accumulate sufficient numbers of weapons to attack and attempt
to destroy the jewish state.
israel has not sought enmity with iran. it is the genocidal shia terror
regime which seeks to annihilate the jewish state.
iranian leaders have threatened israel on many occasions.
since the iranian shia revolutions, iran has been ruled by a
fanatical and irrational regime.
one of this regime's essential goals is to destroy israel for the
simple reason that israel is jewish.
the wars against israel have always had an essential
islamic rationale.
israel cannot allow the genocidal shia terror regime to build
up sufficient forces and weaponry to threaten her very existence.
9. bibi will not do it, liebermn and bennett might
ed   (02.01.18)
no way will bibi undertake missile factory destruction. he cannot do such operations, it is beyond him. lieberman and bennett could do it, though lieberman will listen to his chief of staff, whereas bennett is more independent.
10. provocation...
yosef yankelev ,   jerusalem   (02.01.18)
This is a clever, cruelly subtle provocation, Farsi style - to force Israel to become "the aggressor" (make the preemptive move), so Hezbollah and co. would appear as "innocent victims" in either case...
11. Causes Belli...INDEED IT IS!
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan   (02.01.18)
Who the heck do you think those missiles are meant for? In 1967, closure of The Suez Canal and threats from surrounding countries to annihilate Israel was the Causes Belli.
I would think that having a few thousand missiles pointed at you is even more reason for preemptive strikes.
The IDF should obliterate any suspected missile factory and Hezbollah installation in N. Lebanon! Obliterate, means flatten them and leave no one alive!
12. Excellent article. Iran is unequivocally the source of...
Rafi ,   US   (02.01.18)
the problems discussed here...

The Ayatollahs of course are willing to fight to the last Lebanese, Hezbollah, Syrian, Iraqi - and certainly Israeli - to achieve their regional hegemonic goals.

Seems like maximum civil defense in Israel is in order as Israel and the IDF consider next steps...

Only when the Ayatollahs and Revolutionary Guards feel real pain might they relent with their mischief in Lebanon and Syria along Israel's borders.

How that is to be accomplished has a lot to do with US foreign policy, the international oil market... and many other factors outside Israeli control.

A very difficult challenge for Israel... but paths to resolution may be found.
13. Decision
Michael ,   Raanana   (02.06.18)
This is not a decision to be made by the public.

It is a decision to be made by the elected government.

What is this war by plebiscite?
14. Lebanon has a right to defend itself
Iron Duke   (07.15.18)
Lebanon has a right to defend itself, its allies, and its interests. And it has a right to seek collective defense arrangements with whomever Lebanon chooses, as befits an independent sovereign state. Lebanon also has the right to respond to attacks on it, its allies, and its interests in the manner, time, and place of its own choosing.
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