IDF chief warns of possible calm before storm on northern frontier
Ahiya Raved
Published: 30.01.18, 21:15
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1. Iran... will fight to the last Lebanese - and Hezbollah -
Rafi ,   US   (01.30.18)
to obtain its regional hegemony.

Why would Iran care about the devastation that would inevitably be caused to BOTH Lebanon and Israel in a conflict... so long as it furthered its own regional objectives?
2. Seeds of defeat in his speech
ab   (01.30.18)
He talks about lessons to Hezbz,as if it didn't operate with blessings and support of Lebanon,implying Lebano'll remain intact during the upcoming war.
Say straightforward Lebanon'll be destroyed-and do it instead of playing footsie with this treacherous state,like in the last war
3. Repeating mistakes - Wipe them out when they are weak
Hamas, Hizballah... .should never have been allowed to grow so strong. More denial by Israeli leadership.
4. Shia terror regime is like an addict
C   (01.30.18)
they are itching for war.
they ignore the fact that a war with the jewish state will result in catastrophe
for the genocidal shia regime and for many people in the region.
5. livni's un resolution
ismal   (01.30.18)
according to livni, she is still proud of her un resolution on arms smuggling. the fact that it was and is useless is besides the point. she is proud of it. she is proud of the govt she served in.

of course eisencott has a different take. nasrollah is arm smugglings, the un resolution is a pile of garbage, and iran is building factories. livni would say to take it to obama or now trump and let them deal with it. bibi goes to putin thinking he will stop it when in facrt putin is in league with iran pushing the building of missile factories.

livni is slow, and bibi is gullible. what else is new.

idf has to change its phrasing from painful blow to destruction of hezbollah headquarters and removal of its leadership along side the elimination of electricity , fuel and communications in the entire lebanon.
6. replace bibi with bennett
joe   (01.31.18)
israle needs a change in its leadership to take on iran. bibi cannot lead such an effort. he is iinsecure, lacks knowhow just like lapid and herzog, and doesn't have the spine. it is so obvious. bibi is a press spokesman or un ambassador, nothing more. he is the opposite of teddie roosevelt. he talks big and carries a small stick. this harms deterrence. all of israel's enemies know well that bibi herzog lapid and gabbay are weaklings. they are more nervous about bennett, lieberman and feiglin.

a war will be coming down the road sooner or later. you want bibi or bennett. another war with nasrollah and bibi will see israel doing the minimum and then seek a ceasefire. so it is time for bennett.
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