MKs move to criminalize minimizing Nazi collaboration
Moran Azulay
Published: 31.01.18, 15:14
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1. some jewish parents dumb like hell
jayson   (01.31.18)
it is plain that parents should not let their kids wear religious garb outside of shul or school. over and over we read that an 8 year old wearing a kipa gets attacked because he is identified. in a shimon peres world of brotherhood and togetherness, this doesn't happen. in the real world, it happens. so you instruct your kids not to wear religious garb outside period. has hem will understand. regardless, you have to protect your kids. Jews are not protecting their kids. t his happens over and over again.

instead of wailing and wailing, enroll your kids in karate at a young age. i did for my 2 boys and it helped them to ward off some bullies.and take the kipa and ohter garb off when you leave the house of worship.

it is almost that you want to be attacked because it happens repeatedly. and to adults as well in jerusalem.

one way Israel and Jews can reduce hooligan attacks is for Israel to become feared. so when it goes to war, it should destroy the enemy to the extent it can, not carry out band-aids like olmert and bibi have done saying we won on points. that is ridiculous and leaves things unresolved

a big war is coming, along the lines of fighting Nazis in Stalingrad and Israelis should get ready. all Jews elsewhere should enroll their kids in self defense courses. this is a necessity, not a luxury. stop being blind to what is going on.
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