UNHRC publishes report on companies operating in settlements, withholds names
Itamar Eichner
Published: 31.01.18, 17:22
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1. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid bin Ra'ad al-Hussein
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.31.18)
A Muslim joke
2. Now why would the UNHRC want to name names??
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.31.18)
Why? To facilitate the BDS movement. That's why. Do they act this way for any other conflict in the world? No.

One could easily get the impression that the actual function of the UNHRC is to slander Israel at every opportunity.

Hello? UNHRC? Israel employs thousands of Arabs in its stores, factories, and agriculture.

By naming companies, as you intended to do, you would harm the very people you are chartered to help! BDS gets the company names, protest starts, company loses business, Arab employees are laid off. There, are you happy? Now unemployed Arabs can't feed their families or pay their bills. How stupid can you people be?

If the UNHRC really wanted to help the situation, it would demand the PA remove every drop of incitement to jihad and demonization of Israel from every PA school textbook and TV show. But they don't. Now why is that??
3. Antisemitism = Imaginary border becomes real?
The UNs own documentation refutes this report in the Jordan-Israel armistice agreement, where it clearly states that the green line is not a legal border and cant be used as such by either side.
4. Illegal according to UN international trade laws -
5. War must be answered with resistance! We surely can
match these antisemitic thugs!?
6. The UN designed yellow star
tiki ,   belgium   (01.31.18)
Just when you thought they couldn't sink lower.......they did!

Just 2 days after Holocaust Remembrance day the Human Rights Fascists UNHRC come out with it's own version of the Nazi Yellow Star.
7. US Resistance Party
C   (01.31.18)
the newly formed us resistance party is also boycotting fox news.
the resistance part is funded by anti-american billionaire george
soros and other like minded american billionaires.
the owner of is the richest man in the world.
jeff besos bought the ultra liberal washington post in 2013.

many american billionaires support the far left, but sit on their
huge wealth without helping the needy in any significant way.
shame on them, but they have no shame.
8. WTO rules make boycotts illegal
C   (01.31.18)
islam does not believe in international law.
the eu pretends to believe in international law, but violates those
laws underhandedly.
9. Israel should reincorporate every company
Empress Trudy ,   Raleigh   (01.31.18)
With an address in Judea and Samaria
10. Legal Issues
DG ,   New York   (02.01.18)
Israel should work within international law to stop this nonsense. The creation of this list and the UNHRC's work around it are outside its mandate and should be challenged legally. We also need to start using proper language here to describe certain UN actions. This is antisemitism and racism. Let's call it what it is!!
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