PM Netanyahu vows to retain West Bank control in any peace deal
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Published: 31.01.18, 23:31
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1. No Agreement Possible
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (02.01.18)
Netanyahu makes no agreement possible. PA law requires that Palestinian people ratify any agreement. The will not ratify if Israel plans to continue home invasions and nightly raids. That is just renaming the Status Quo.

West Bank Palestinians have experience Israeli "security control."
2. "Sovereign Palestinian Land" LOL!
Jake   (02.01.18)
May I remind the PA spokesman that Palestine was a foreign imperial entity. Thus "Palestinian land" let alone "sovereign Palestinian land" is an oxymoron.

"Palestinians" are a hostile remnant of the Arab conquest. They are not a nation or people in any sense. They are being offered autonomy under Israeli rule today, as they were offered the same in 1993.
3. Language of lies - Settlement, occupied, west bank
4. German logic - Abbas terrorist holocaust denier same as Bibi
5. Germany angry Trump follows morality,legality,justice,realty
6. Surviver on German TV - Same antisemitism in today Germany
7. German openly funds Palestinian terrorism and antisemitism
8. Germany invites millions of new Nazis to take Jews place
9. Nazi Germany - Support for Huseini-Arafat-Abbas -Final Solut
10. Palestinian again threaten terrorism or everything they want
11. Germany we dont want your embassy in Jerusalem
It will just be another tool to try to destroy Israel and support terrorism, hate education and antisemitism which wont change in Palestinians society under any peace deal. The Palestinians leadership state this themselves on video.

Look at the Uk consulate and US consulate in Jerusalem enemies of Israel and hostile towards jews.

Germany at the moment is funding Palestinian institutional antisemitism wonder how 60% of Europeans would feel about that. According to PEW polls most of the rest hate Jews anyway and may support this.
12. Germany where firebombing synagogues is not antisemitism
13. Germany where mass rape coverup by MSM/Police/Gov
14. Germany where there are still march calling to kill the Jews
15. Germany where freedom of speech depends on your opinion
16. Supporter of terrorists virtue signaling - cant make this up
17. That Kraut has some nerve!
18. What about your occupation in Berlin ? Give it back to the
olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (02.01.18)
Turkish people.
19. why didn't he say this under obama?
marv   (02.01.18)
bibi never said this to obama and only says it now because of trump. bibi lacks gu.ts, it is obvious.

it is time for bennett.
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