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Iceland set to ban circumcision
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 01.02.18, 21:56
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1. 5 Jews in Iceland ?
ab   (02.01.18)
2. Iceland kills babies in the womb but wont cut a baby?
In April 2017, the Government proposed making changes to abortion legislation in Iceland so that abortion would no longer be described as "fetus destruction" ("fóstureyðing"), but would instead be described as "pregnancy interruption" ("þungunarrof").[4] Wiki

Language police above - More Cultural Marxism at work.

Amazing how the left work in their own sphere of morality which changes as they change their view and become more extreme. Where are liberals on the left? You realize how insane the world is when the Right wing are more liberal than the left who call themselves liberal but seem more fascist.
Basically as with most left wing Western government they ignore facts, science, justice when it disputes their narrative.

Throw in some good virtue-signalling so that they can feel good about their evil.

lastly circumcision has been proven to be beneficial to health in most cases and can prevent or largely reduce the chance for disease. More narrative over fact from Iceland.
3. Parental right over kids being taken away throughout West
The left wing fascism is spreading and the more time passes the more the government gets involved in brainwashing children. Education which they took full control over is not enough for the left now they are entering the home, taking children away if their parents dont accept their trans-gender mental illness, among other things.
20 years ago these actions of governments towards children would be considered child abuse. How things change and how the masses are screaming for their rights to be taken away and given to the government. Than they call Trump a fascist.

4. Iceland doesnt want?So shop at Tesco or Waitrose
5. Turn this to Israel advantage like BDS does
Why no right of return to refugees into Israel proper? Because if we do they might become the majority and we refuse to ask permission from our masters if we can perform circumcision or not. In view of Iceland behaviour we rest our case.
6. Where are Europe's children?
Ben HeyHeyHey ,   NYC   (02.02.18)
Most of the Western liberal countries that want to ban circumcision have a native population with a flat or negative birth rate. While they claim to champion "children's rights" , Western Europeans are having hardly any children of their own. The majority of their next generation will be made up of the children of Muslim immigrants, who are not likely to be so accepting of the government's attempts to suppress religious practices. The totalitarian leanings of Western secular liberalsm, cleverly disguised as "compassion", will yield grim returns.
7. Great news!!!
Iris ,   Iceland   (02.02.18)
Hoping this goes through! Equal rights for all babies of having their sexual organs intact. I have talked to plenty of men abroad that say they didn't want to be circumcised but don't dare to tell their families how they feel. With this law, everyone can do what they want after 18 years old. ...and no it is not healthier. It's just a lie you tell yourself. If you really did the research with an open mind you would know it. But people will believe what they want...that's why they call it believe and not facts. And those people can't be argued against.
8. Progressives proudly digging their own graves. I'm sure none
will have the guts to prohibit this from the practitioners of religion of peace?!
9. It's not your country
Yoni ,   Hod HaSharon   (02.02.18)
Religious they are not just forcing people to live as they want here in Israel (and I can accept that even if i don't like it since it's the only jewish country in the world), but they pretend also to force other non-jewish countries to accept those laws as well. Island it's not a jewish country and they are free to decide whatever it's the best for them, you just need to shut up and leave the place if you don't like it. The world doesn't belong just to you.
10. Iceland's state religion is Lutheran
C   (02.02.18)
iceland claims to have freedom of religion.
yet this lutheran state wants to dictate to jews, the most ancient
monotheistic religion, how to practice their religion.
circumcision is an essential part of the jewish religion.
this tiny lutheran state will not dictate to jews how to practice
their religion.
11. Mire STD's without circumcision
BBB   (02.02.18)
that's a fact.
Iceland isn't known for much other than salted fish.
12. Not so great news
Researching the medical facts there are less cases of STD's including AIDS among men who've been circumcised.
Cleanliness is a factor and being circumcised in healthier.
You should study more and rant less.
p.s. women detest hooded males they stink, literally.
13. Au Contraire!
BBB   (02.02.18)
There have been studies in Africa re: AIDS and circumcision, I hate to burst your bubble of ignorance but, men circumcised have less STD's including AIDS.

Where ya been under a rock?
14. Genocide of unborn Down babies
Rafael ,   Berlin   (02.03.18)
Google "Iceland and Down babies" and you will see that Icelanders take pride in preventing virtually all Down babies from being born. Is it thus surprising that they want to prevent Jews and Muslims from identifying with their Abrahamic heritage - that teaches care and compassion towards the weak and vulnerable?
15. Avoid Iceland like a plague,not because of circumcision
ab   (02.03.18)
but because The City Council of Reykjavik voted in boycott of Israel, not "settlements" mind you, but Israel
16. Human rights outweigh religious texts
Muddur   (02.05.18)
Many practices of old have been abandoned as our society has advanced and matured. Inhumane acts from religious texts, like stoning women and killing disobeying children have long since been abandoned, why is mutilating of infant's genitals so important to some people?
In Iceland there is a freedom of religion, but this freedom always yields when it goes against basic human rights. A person of legal adulthood, 18 years old that is, is of course fully permitted to make the decision to get circumcised if they so choose. I'm quite sure that God is willing to forgive the parents for being banned by law to mutilate their child, as well as he probably forgives them for not killing women for adultery or killing children for talking back at their parents.
17. No health benefit whatsoever
chris nichols   (02.06.18)
"Religious freedom" applies to babies as well as adults. Circumcision takes that freedom away - and a great deal more besides. All children regardless of gender (or parental preference), have a lawful right to genital autonomy, bodily integrity, freedom from torture, and the like. Hats off to Iceland for leading the way into the open future we all deserve!
18. Iceland is great
Vito ,   NY   (02.07.18)
One of the best country in the world. Great people.
19. About time
Pj ,   Ormskirk   (02.07.18)
What about the religious freedoms of those who did not consent to the mutilation? It's permanent, and their freedom of religion is taken away from them as even if they choose another religion as an adult, they will be forever marked. It's reminiscent of marking Jews in Germany.

You should NEVER have a right to force your religion on someone else, including your child, in an irreversible way or painful way.

The claim that it reduces the risk of sexually trasmitted infections and genital infections is absolute nonsense. The USA has a high rate of circumcision - and their HIV rate is sky high compared to the rest of the developed world. International physicians make it very clear there are no benefits to the mutilations.
20. Judenrien
robert saunders   (02.09.18)
Let Iceland become Judenrein and let us take our knowledge, agency, scholarship and other hallmarks of the sons of Jacob with us!
21. Iceland is pure SHIT !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.10.18)
22. Circumcism is pure butchery of males.
Zippy's Used Cars ,   Levittown, NY   (02.11.18)
23. No need to get in a flap about the flap
24. Yo Zippy
BBB   (02.19.18)
It might interest you to know that studies proved that circumcision reduces STD's.
African scientists concluded circumcision actually reduced cases of HIV AIDS
And females abhor the turtle necked ugliness of not being cut.
25. Circumcision was a way to show loyalty to our G-d.
BBB   (02.19.18)
An outward sign, remember?
26. Circumcision is of GOD
Tova   (02.21.18)
GOD instructed Abraham to be circumcised so that GOD may bless the convenent promised to Abraham through Isaac and Jacob. The foreskin has no value. And it is proven to reduce sexual diseases.

For those who think it hurts the baby how so wrong you are. You are more concerned with your own emotions instead of that of your child. The cry of the male child after circumcision is the cry to GOD that he has blessed the baby.

To take away the circumcision is to deny the child his blessing.
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