Former Israeli minister expresses support for AfD
Published: 03.02.18, 15:58
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1. Stoltz "Achievements of Germans soldiers in two world wars."
Alan   (02.03.18)
The German soldiers achieved such a disaster for killing millions of Europeans and creating a wonderful vacuum now being filled by ladies and gentlemen from 3rd world. I am hoping that Islam will be the predominant religion of EU by 2039-2045
2. unless this was a fake, Eitan's loosing it
Rafi ,   US   (02.03.18)
3. Defeating Islam is more important than anything else today
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.03.18)
4. Between two evils: anything is better than Islam!
5. Fake News
Erkel   (02.04.18)
A FAR RIGHT PARTY with a Homosexual Woman that lives together with an Asian woman as a leader and also with black,kurdish,slavic,jewish,atheist politicians and members?
The only Antisemite is Gedeon an old MAOist!He was a doctor and was loved by Leftwing workers because he gave them often much"holidays" i read.
AFD didnt knew about his thinking.In german law its not easy to kick out somebody out of a party.
But the AFD is the only party that dont allow members who where before in a NEO/Nazi Organisation or political party.Even Merkels party and the FAR LEFT had "Ex-Nazis" in their partys!

Also.AFD say only whats THE LAW today.German/EU Law say that NOBODY has a right for Asylum who came across a third EU country(it was made after Balkan wars,where Germany,Austria,Netherlands,NorthEurope has taken most of the refugees)but Merkel made open doors for everybody!Also they build NEW houses for them when germans must sleep on the streets.Is this fair?No thats CRAZY,isnt it?Thats not a "Far Right"lie,you can read it in mainstream newspapers.

The whole country is brainwashed.There was a leftwing kurdish woman that was raped,but first she didnt sayed that the rapers where Arabs because she felt that this was "racist".

Look how the"good Merkel party" voted at the UN/Unesco when it was about Israel...
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