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Pressure mounts on Poland to back away from Holocaust bill
Published: 03.02.18, 17:11
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1. Alex S,Poland refuses to hand over Jewish property and her
highest echelons(Generals of Polish Army,highest Civil Servants) involved in taking over houses purchased from those who had murdered or denounced Jewish owners to the Germans.
So your "most important" is ridiculous.
2. Mister
Yirmeyahu Bindman ,   Jerusalem   (02.05.18)
The main element of Polish complicity in the Holocaust is the bitter and pervasive boycott of Jews carried out in the 1930s, as part of the so-called 'cold pogrom'. This left the Jews weakened and dispirited, and enabled the Nazis, when they came, to carry out their roundups much more easily, needless to say with the support of those who had made the boycott in the first place.
3. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (02.05.18)
is there no collective shame in Poland for past? rehabilitation begins with admission of past. no amount of cleansing otherwise will suffice.
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