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Paratroopers prepare for full self-reliance in Lebanon war scenario
Yoav Zitun
Published: 04.02.18, 17:58
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1. כל הכבוד לצנחנים
JVC ,   LA, USA   (02.04.18)
2. Teach them how to use LAW rockets ,they didn't know how
ab   (02.04.18)
during the last war and were helpless against Hezbz shooting from homes for example.
Relying on Lebanese medicine is relying on mortal enemy,somobody needs to tell party apparatchiks in the IDF Lebanese are mortal enemies of Israel
3. idf soldiers need lightweight body armor
mofti   (02.04.18)
lightweight armor is needed for legs and arms against shrapnel bulllets. R & D shoujld be working on this fulltime.

before any assault, special suppressant munitions need to shower the entire area of attack before any assault. robots, locals can be used to check the area before a full assault from several directions.
4. personality of leader a factor
jesion   (02.04.18)
recall during begin's days as pm, he was pictured in beaufort castle as idf moved northwards. he appeared in control.

likewise shamir always appeared steady when it came to security issues.only extreme pressure from bush prevented him from responding to saddam.

then we had rabin insisting on a no mistake entebbe rescue which was then launched successfully.

now we come to netanyahu. his performance in gaza was backseat, clueless, been dragged around by yaalon and gantz in not hitting tunnels and racing to a ceasefire before the threat was removed.

eveyr move of bibi is we don't want war, we will defend ourselves, and asking trump and putin to take care of iran. he has no appetite for war, has no curiosity about how to attack , how to stockpile crucial arms and fuel supplies. in the end he says he acted irresponsibly.

compare him to bennett, who has ideas,who also fought in the 2006 war and drew some correct conclusions. he can easily lead israel in war where bibi cannot.

bibi is a drag on the idf progress. he should be booted out of the pm job.
5. This Article is a bit of a puff piece.
LevHazak   (02.13.18)
Trust me, a Sayeret Unit does not need instruction in maintenance of a Kalatch. This was a refresher at best and is covered in the 1st 6 mo of training. So don't think any secrets were given away. This article (as those published when I was in) are general and vague and fill space in a publication.
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