Lebanon will be blown back to the ‘Stone Age,’ Minister Katz warns
Attila Somfalvi, Alexandra Lukash
Published: 04.02.18, 20:04
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FRED FLINTSTONE ,   SAFED dinosaur   (02.04.18)
2. Katz: you bloviate way too much. Zip it.
Rafi ,   US   (02.04.18)
3. Destroy French-financed el-infrastructure,France,supporter
ab   (02.04.18)
of Hezbz will never get her money back
4. This threat is not making much impression on someone that
already lives in the early Bronze Age!
5. Doleful Creatures
Rotem Adler ,   Paris - France   (02.05.18)
The bombastic Muslim rethoric has ended up infecting the Israeli leaders, who were traditionally very cautious threatening our enemies. The best example of this was the Six Day War, which took place without any previous words. The return to the Stone Age has become a hackneyed anti-Lebanese topic, which, as the 2006 campaign showed, only destroyed one neighborhood, an electric power station and a few bridges and overpasses. To return Lebanon to the Stone Age that it deserves the means of then do not work. It is time to refer to our abundant and very precise TNW. Only with them we will can rebuild our old and very lost deterrent capacity. Only with them we will stop being subjected to the powerful deterrence of the 120,000 Hezbollah missiles. Only with them we will convince those bigots that any error of judgment will transform the fertile and luxuriant Beqaa Valley into a Kalahari desert for doleful creatures.
SUN TZU ,   SAFED CHINA   (02.05.18)
7. How MUCH MORE PAIN can Lebanon endure
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (02.05.18)
Lebanon suffering from Hezbollah-Iran tightening NOOSE around Lebanons neck until it chokes with its last breath

As far as Iran is concerned Lebanon is just an 'outpost' to be used as a military dump and base to further its hegemonic ambitions in the Near East and the Arab world and provide its 'strategic counterweight' to Turkey

But as far as Nasrallah is concerned Lebanon IS EXPENDABLE.

What does he care...because when the going gets tough hes knows hes got his jet ON STANDBY 24/7 to whisk him away to East or West Africa while Hezbollah continue to broadcast as if he was still in Lebanon

8. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (02.05.18)
there are many more WMDs for others that wish to destroy Israel. that is why aggressors will only snipe at Israel hoping to weaken it in stages. but aggression unites a nation and keeps it alive. stupid aggressors could gain more by peace and cooperation. another generation down the toilet.
9. Lol
Hani zakhem ,   Toronto   (02.05.18)
But lebanon is already in the stone electricity...slow internet....water traffic gps driving...mountains of recycling...polluted air and water
10. Pain
Stan ,   Puddle   (02.06.18)
Humanity is truly not advancing, but mentally is seriously regressing back to barbaric butchers
11. Annex Southern Lebanon
Warbelt ,   Western Pennsylvania   (02.05.18)
Add some real teeth to this saber rattling by threatening to permanently annex and absorb All of Southern Lebanon into Israel once the rubble is cleared away.
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