25 legal experts write AG to decry migrant expulsion policy
Tova Tzimuki and Telem Yahav
Published: 04.02.18, 19:38
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URBAN RABBI ,   SAFED   (02.04.18)
May G-d guard us and protect us from " experts ."
4. International Legal Experts = Socialist Globalists
DSM ,   USA   (02.04.18)
When Israel is overrun by these so called refugees, call these 25 legal experts for help. By that time they will be calling on another country to commit suicide from within.
5. "End 3rd world population explosion"
Stan ,   Israel   (02.05.18)
1. Are you frightened to use your name??????????
2. Do you remember when the poor Irish and Italians "invaded" (your idiotic word) America??????
3. Do you remember when the poor Jews "invaded" America?????????????

Most EDUCATED Americans agree that the vast immigration of various Europe peoples in the 19th and early 20th century has improved American society. There is also no doubt that the arrival in America of Chinese, Indian and other Asian peoples has contributed to the strengthening of USA,
6. To the writer of comments # 1, 2, 3.
Stan ,   Israel   (02.05.18)
You never ever have anything pertinent to add to the discussion.

I have a suggestion, take your keyboard in for repair, then you can use lower case like all normal people.
7. To Jay Wilkoff
Stan ,   Israel   (02.05.18)
Jay, I presume that you agree with me that USA was not turned into a sh*thole country by demographic changes.

Could you please list the countries where this did happen!
8. Those leftists should jump in a lake
David ,   New york   (02.05.18)
Thank goodness Israel said finally doing what it should have done years ago
These people seem like the same crowd of "breaking the silence"
Make sure to listen carefully to every word they say
- since that is precisely what you should not do
9. I bet you I can find a legal expert attesting to the "fact"
that prosecuting pedophiles violates individual's right to pursue happiness, and fulfillment of basic human urges....
In the leftist circles "experts" like these 25 are 12 a dozen.
10. Israel is not a garbage can!
Phoenix   (02.04.18)
Israel is the land of the people of Israel not Africa.
The Africans have destroyed the quality of life in Israel. Nobody wants Africans here. The leftists work for the enemy and they do not represent the nation of Israel.
All Africans must leave! Bye bye!
11. Eritrean males do not want to serve in the army
C   (02.04.18)
how does this justify israel granting them asylum.

the experts cited by this soros funded paper are far left, often
members of hostile ngo's.
12. To comments from Safed
Tova   (02.05.18)
Why do you always submit your comments in capital. It doesn't have much merit. You give the impression of being a very angry person against the world.

If you Safed expect your comments to be read, write them in lower case letters.

There is a saying that when a person constantly uses capitals in their writings it indicates pride, arrogance, and extremely controlling.

13. Too many Professors spoil the broth
Alan   (02.05.18)
14. Australia gave international law the finger
Aliza   (02.05.18)
by incarcerating thousands of infiltrators in detention centers in New Guinea and a small a Pacific island nation that the Australian government made agreements with. Both Australian governments that have been in power said these illegal infiltrators will never set foot on Australian soil and made an agreement with Cambodia and made a payment offer to illegals to leave the detention centers to Cambodia. Last year New Guinea closed the detention centre and these illegals were left in limbo. New Zealand said they will take some and Australia refused because they can come in through the back door from New Zealand. Australia's position was no illegals step foot on Australian soil and government kept this position even with UN condemnation.
15. They are not jurists but Far Left Wing political activists
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.05.18)
16. DEMAND immediate expulsion of illegals from our Homeland NOW
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.05.18)
Once again, dumb self proclaimed leftist "experts" tell us to take the lunatic self destructive action of allowing illegals to remain in Israel. These are the same idiots who told Israel to cede the Golan, sign a deal with Arafat, flee Gaza and South Lebanon...In short, these are the same leftist idiots who are totally and infallibly wrong about every important issue.

I urge everyone who loves Israel to DEMAND the immediate expulsion of all illegals from our sole, tiny precious Homeland NOW!
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